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Sales positions are the hardest to fill for employers today – globally. If that’s not on your board agenda, it should be.

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Alan Maguire

Co-Founder & CEO - Entrepreneurial Sales Institute
21st of April 2021 at 12:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom


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Gartner says that talent shortage is the top emerging risk organisations face globally. Less well known is that there is a global shortage of sales talent in particular and this costs employers billions of dollars every year. In this webinar, Alan Maguire from the Entrepreneurial Sales Institute [ESI] explores the impact of a skills shortage on business performance, how this impact has been accelerated after a pandemic and how solutions can be found in Boardrooms that might be struggling with the future of work.

This Speaker

Alan Maguire is and has been a Director of several international companies – from start-up to public company. He has decades of experience in both the multinational and start-up sectors having run businesses, commercial and sales organisations across the globe. He is Co-Founder & CEO of ESI which was established to address the global shortage of sales skills today. He is also a Director at CustomerMinds and a Partner at Leaf Investments – Europe’s first independent learning technology investment fund.

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Sales positions are the hardest to fill for employers today – globally. If that’s not on your board agenda, it should be.

Alan Maguire
Co-Founder & CEO
21st of April 2021 (GMT)

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