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What you’ll learn?

Digital Transformation for Directors




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Why Digital Transformation for Directors is Essential

Digital transformation is a key strategic issue that affects all businesses, supply chains, value propositions, the working environment and business models. Harness your knowledge to achieve the best outcome.



Global spending on Digital Transformation will exceed $2.3 trillion in 2023, yet 70% of transformation projects fail to achieve their goals, according to the Harvard Business Review.



Digital Transformation has become a critical strategic issue for workers and their employers as it disrupts value chains, business models, and competitive environments.


Digital transformation requires a new way of working and demands that leaders and board members have comprehensive business, technology, and innovation management skills.

Become the digital transformation expert in your organisation with the skills and knowledge to successfully manage business, technology and innovation.

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What our delegates say

“Pitched at the right level, at the right time and you are supported by a very energetic team in CGI”

Bob Hoffman – Ireland

Managing Partner

“An excellent programme that was enhanced by the depth of expertise possessed by tutors.”

Peter Fitzgerald – Ireland

Non Executive Director

This was an excellent course. The materials were well designed. I have no hesitation in recommending this course.“.

Jon Gillies – United Kingdom


What you will learn

Bring your knowledge of digital transformation to the next level with this in depth insight into the latest trends, frameworks and practices.


Clearly understand the trends driving digital transformation. Be in a position to question your board and the executive on digital readiness and be clear about the challenges involved.

Current thinking

Understand the digital transformation frameworks for managing key elements such as strategy, IT rollout, technology, people and data, and learn how to use these.

Best practices

Gain a firm understanding of organisational processes and user requirements such as agile technologies, design thinking, data literacy and cybersecurity.

Key technologies

Learn to exploit new digital opportunities such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain & distributed ledger.

How you will apply your learning

You will confidently be able to answer these questions:

Is the board knowledgeable enough about digital technology to provide valuable guidance?

How does digital transformation change the way your business (and sector) creates value?

How will the board measure the success of digital transformation?

Does the board understand the skills to undertake digital transformation at board and executive level?

Can the board clearly identify emerging risks as a result of ongoing digitalisation?

Is the board ready for new opportunities presented by digital transformation?

Who will be teaching the course?

Robert Farrell

Robert is on a mission to improve this by developing the next generation of digital leaders. He is a lecturer, trainer and speaker specialising in digital transformation. Robert has delivered training to audiences including Google, HubSpot, Citibank, DocuSign, Amplexor and many more. He holds a postgraduate diploma in digital transformation, a masters in strategic management and several digital marketing certifications. Connect with him on LinkedIn for the latest industry news and best practices.

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