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Title: The value of disability in the Boardroom

Date: Wednesday August 4th 2021 at 1pm (GMT+1)

The value of disability in the Boardroom


There is a global disability inequality crisis.  There are 1.3 billion people globally that live with a disability. People with disabilities tend to have poorer health outcomes, lower education achievements, less economic participation, and higher rates of poverty.

Together with their friends and family, people with disabilities have a spending power of $8 trillion.  Business has an opportunity to access a market and talent pool equivalent to the population of China whilst helping people with disabilities to thrive in all areas of their lives. However, only 4% of businesses focus on making offerings inclusive of disability.

Meet Crosby Cromwell, Chief Partnerships Officer at The Valuable 500 – a global collective of 500 multinational organisations putting disability on the business leadership agenda.  In this presentation, Crosby will discuss the business imperative of disability inclusion and will highlight how inclusive organisations have brand, reputation and bottom-line advantage over their peers.


Crosby’s career spans across the corporate sector, global NGOs, and social impact entrepreneurism, the common thread is ensuring more people, especially people with disabilities, can thrive economically. She is an accomplished strategist, known for her collaborative approach to large-scale problem solving. Currently, Crosby is the Chief Partnerships Officer for the Valuable 500, and is charged with developing and supporting the Valuable 500 Companies and the organization’s partners, committed to advancing disability inclusion. Additionally, she leads community development for Open Inclusion, a DEI customer insights firm based in Europe. In 2007, she joined Walmart in order to design and implement the company’s first national disability platform. She also served as a senior program officer at the Walmart Foundation, where she led Women’s Giving under the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative, creating sustainable career pathways for low-income women. During her time at the Foundation, more than $60M in funding was distributed to programs for employment training for women. She has been involved in numerous task forces and community outreach organisations for underrepresented communities. She is a development advisor for Mobility International and most often speaks on topics ranging from DEI employment to corporate social responsibility. 

Date: Wednesday 4th August 2021
Time: 13:00
Venue: Zoom
Cost : Free


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