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Discover the Diploma in Corporate Governance

Explore our online, flexible diploma courses for aspiring directors, existing directors and executives in leadership roles.

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Diploma in Corporate Governance

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€3,950 / £3,350

Designed and delivered by directors and governance professionals for directors.

Join a diverse network of senior executives and directors to exchange ideas and experiences.

Learn what you need to succeed as non-executive director

Understand the duties, liabilities and responsibilities of being a director.

Learn how a board operates and gain practical experience to be a successful board member.

This diploma is ideal for senior executives who need to understand how boards work.

How would you like to take your diploma?

Personally tutored

Personally tutored

Join weekly sessions where our tutors will bring you and your classmates through the interactive and lively content for each module, live online.

Next course starts 25th January 2022

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Self Paced


This option is perfect for those who want the greatest level of flexibility. Easy to use learning options. Networking with your classmates online.

Next cohort starts 1st February 2022

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Intensive Bootcamp

Intensive Bootcamp

This option, delivered over one week, allows you to rapidly become an accredited, certified director. This is an intensive deep-dive.

Next course starts 31st January 2022

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Membership included with your Diploma

As a delegate of the Diploma in Corporate Governance, we provide you with unlimited access to the Corporate Governance Institute Membership programme (for six months), where you can network, connect, interact with and learn from your peers. You also get access to a range of templates and documents that are required boardroom materials. You will be in the company of the global leaders, a group of experienced senior executives and directors.  As a member, you have access to exclusive content as well as upcoming boardroom and non-executive roles.

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Setting the Standard in Corporate Governance Education & Certification

European Qualifications Framework
Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

Members of our Governance Advisory Council have held leadership positions at firms such as:

McKinsey & Company
Spencer Stuart
JP Morgan

Are you ready to be a company director?

Take the Company Directors’ Challenge to assess your boardroom readiness. The series of questions that we have created and curated for this test will challenge your knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a director in a modern, forward thinking business.

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Lunch & Learn

Join us for these invigorating, bite-sized sessions to learn more about governance and business leadership. Each week the Corporate Governance Institute hosts a free-to-attend ‘Lunch & Learn’ webinar.


Members receive exclusive insights and opportunities

The Corporate Governance Institute provides its members with exclusive content, a network of directors and business leaders, details of available board positions, and the tools and resources required for a successful governance career.

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About The Corporate Governance Institute

The Corporate Governance Institute is a global, educational institute that offers certified diplomas in corporate governance. We provide advanced governance training and certification at the highest level for board directors and aspiring directors.

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