The Corporate Governance Institute Membership

Staying up to date with corporate governance issues and trends is critical for directors who want to enact positive change in the boardroom.

As a member of The Corporate Governance Institute, you will be at the forefront of the latest thinking and developments in governance. This insight will enable you to have a positive impact in the boardroom.

Along with access to practical tips and strategies, you will also be welcomed into a close-knit global community. Your introduction to this collaborative group grants you access to thought leaders in business and corporate governance who are eager to share their knowledge for the good of society.

Membership connects you to a global network of directors, creates opportunities and engages you with a worldwide business community.  Members expand their knowledge, skills and expertise as an existing or aspiring director.

To ensure that you get the most out of The Corporate Governance Institute, we are currently including your first year of Membership with each Diploma in Corporate Governance programme.  Thereafter, membership costs €290.00 per annum.

Please note, you do not have to enroll in a Diploma programme to become a member. Membership is open to all.

What do you get as a Member of The Corporate Governance Institute?

Learning & Collaboration Webinars

We are connected globally, not only through our Governance Advisory Council but with board leadership internationally. The purpose of our webinars is to share insights and innovative thinking that you can, in turn, bring back to your boardroom.  Our experts will prove to be a great resource and will make you aware of the topics that are confronting boards throughout the world.


Board in a Box is comprehensive, up to date online resource available for chairs, directors of boards, company secretaries and those responsible for governance at all levels.  Whether you simply need to refer to earlier learnings, or are looking to enhance your knowledge in a particular topic (for the next board meeting, perhaps), we provide members with a huge range of tools and applications that will supplement your knowledge.

Included in this suite of toolkits are:

  • FAQs that will enable staff to find answers to everyday governance issues quickly.
  • Access to resources to ensure staff stay current on compliance and regulatory issues.
  • Access to the latest trends in governance as informed by our research.
  • Access to the latest documentation and policies that boards require.
  • Access to practical resources

We will also provide tried and tested tools that will help to improve the performance of your board. These will include for example:

  • 360-degree performance assessment tools for directors and the CEO
  • A strategic planning process and support tools
  • Virtual meeting tools and methodologies
  • Reporting and presentation tools

These tools are real-world, practical solutions, packaged and specific to your needs. 

Whatever your challenge, we will have a methodology, template, policy or tool to help you address these challenges and opportunities clearly which in turn help to refine board processes.

Continuous Professional Development

Recognition matters when you are Certified.  At The Corporate Governance Institute, we provide you with a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning and growth. Through our Continuous Professional Development (CPD), you can ensure that you continue to retain your professional qualification, and that you stay up-to-date and relevant, while providing ongoing guidance for your board.

Case Studies and Papers

We have a range of case studies that you can use, either to challenge your own board or simply as a reference guide to how you might address an ongoing issue. Our case study archive is regularly updated with new and interesting case studies from around the world.

Premium & Exclusive Content

We have curated leading-edge and thought-provoking articles, research, webinars and eBooks all of which are now available to our members.  We are constantly adding to this wealth of knowledge and expertise, bringing this thought leadership exclusively to our members.


Membership of The Corporate Governance Institute introduces you to a close-knit community which values collaboration and sharing. Our members are some of the leading practitioners in corporate governance and are keen to share their knowledge for the betterment of our community.

Member Spotlight

We regularly feature members, new and old, to help other members on their own journey. These members are the heart and soul of our membership community, bringing their real-life experiences to you.


Take the next step and have one of our Advisors reach out to you to answers any questions you may have.

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