Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Corporate Governance Institute?

The Corporate Governance Institute provides board directors with education and certification to the  highest standards. Working with leading board members and industry practitioners, we create and deliver world-class education and certification for the modern board director.

Unfortunately, many of the incumbent course suppliers are considered staid and lack innovation. They often do not have the practical content to enable directors to be productive upon certification.

The Corporate Governance Institute arms our graduates with the tools and expertise required to be an effective board member.

How is this Diploma in Corporate Governance delivered?

All courses in 2020 will be streamed “Live Online” via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  The courses comprises 10 modules, each module is 3 hours long.

Each module will be delivered on successive weekday evenings (usually either Tuesday or Wednesday), with a follow-up tutorial a couple of days later.

Each 3 hour module will be divided into 3@1-hour slots. each slot will be approx 50 minutes in length with plenty of time for questions, followed by 10 minutes break.

Is the Diploma recorded?


If, for any reason, you cannot attend your class, we will be making each one available for later viewing.

What Happens if I miss a Class?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend your class, you can view the recording at a time that suits you.  These recordings will available to you for a full year after you attend your course.

Can I Pay by Instalments?

Payment is made in full before commencing the course. Please contact us if you would like discuss alternative options.

Instalment payments may be discussed with your Training Advisor – please contact us for further details.

What is the Certification Offered?

The Corporate Governance Institute is fully accredited by the Glasgow Caledonian University. Our staff, tutors and courses have been thoroughly vetted and are continually monitored by the university to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards possible. This accreditation is part of the European Qualification Framework (EQF), which means that your qualification is recognised throughout the globe.

What are the Academic Credit and Qualifications Levels?

The Professional Diploma in Corporate Governance is awarded by the Corporate Governance Institute. The Diploma is also credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) at Level 7 on the Scottish Curriculum and Qualifications (SCQF) Framework. Level 7 indicates the level of complexity of the programme. The table below indicates equivalent award levels for a selection of countries, and in the context of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). 

While the European Qualifications Framework attempts to provide a certain leveling across various certifications, each country in the EU uses a slightly different scale to define the “level”.  So, for example, Level 5 in England is equivalent to Level 8 in Scotland.  Here is a list of the levels that the Diploma in Corporate Governance warrants across the British Isles, Ireland and EU.

  • (SCQF) SCOT Level 7
  • (EQF) EU Level 5
  • (NQF) IRL Level 6
  • (RQF) ENG Level 5
  • (CCEA) N. IRL Level 5
  • (CQFW) WALES Level 5

A detailed explanation of the the above can be found on the attached document, entitled “Qualifications can cross boundaries – a guide to comparing qualifications in the
UK and Ireland

What is the approach to company law in the course?

The course will cover the key principles of company law in common law countries.

These countries include, Ireland,United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Canada (excluding Quebec), Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States.

The Diploma in Corporate Governance enables existing or potential directors to be able to ask about their specific duties and responsibilities as a director under company law in any common law country.

Does this course qualify for CPD?


While CPD is usually applied by your own awarding body, the Diploma in Corporate Governance and our ongoing webinar series should qualify for Continuous Professional Development CPD) recognition.

As an example, the Law Society of Ireland (the regulatory body for solicitors in Ireland) states:

“To qualify as CPD, the education/training must relate to law, management and professional development skills or regulatory matters and must be intended to develop the solicitor in his/her professional knowledge, skills and abilities.CPD credit may be claimed for actual time spent in training, minus registration/break times.

Please ensure that the attending solicitors retain suitable proof of CPD (e.g. Certificate of Attendance), as it is required in all instances for solicitors to be credited with CPD.”

Their Law Society CPD Handbook provides a wealth of further detail.

Who is the Corporate Governance Institute for?

Created and delivered by board directors for board directors, this Diploma in Corporate Governance provides you with access to the latest thinking and methodologies being used at the world’s most admired boards.

Whether you are an experienced director or you are new to the world of boards, the Diploma in Corporate Governance is the most direct route to becoming an effective board director. Our experienced team of professionals clearly explain what is required to identify and fulfil your role and how you can make a positive impact on the organisation.

Who are my Lecturers?

The lecturers are leading practitioners in corporate governance. They have years of experience in boardroom leadersip, chairing board meetings, managing corporations and adding shareholder value to companies.

Click on our Faculty Page to see our lecturers.

How Much Time Should I Allocate for the Diploma?

The Diploma in Corporate Governance programme itself is 30 hours long. This is based on attending 10 @ 3-hour modules over the course of ten week.

Throughout the programme, you will be introduced to various case studies by our faculty lecturers. This will require you to spend extra time reviewing these documents. You will also find that you are spending time discussing these case studies with your peers and colleagues on our online community.

There is also a capstone case study that will run across and through the 10 modules, bringing together the various components of each module.

We are therefore recommending that you allocate a further 30 hours review and study time, on top of the actual face-to-face time with your lecturers.

What are the entry requirements for the Diploma?

While there are no formal entry requirements to the Diploma course, there are a number of aspects about the course that we would like to point out in order for you to get the most from the course:

  • Most applicants have spent at least 10 years in business, many at senior levels within their organisation.
  • Many applicants already have experience as a director and now want to validate their experience with a recognised Diploma in Corporate Governance
  • Others have been either “earmarked” for a board position or are just about to be appointed.

English Language Requirement

This course is delivered though English. Therefore, applicants, whose first language is not English, or who have not been educated through the medium of the English language during their two most recent years of study, must provide evidence they are proficient in the English language.

What is the Governance Advisory Council?

We created the Governance Advisory Council was formed to promote excellence in the board membership and directors across the globe. We created a unique collaboration from the outset to ensure that you are receiving, the very latest and the very best thinking in corporate governance. Your certification is therefore validated by leading professionals from some of the top global companies.

Who Will I Learn From?

The Corporate Governance Institute faculty is composed of men and women who are world-class business professionals. Our faculty members have years of industry expertise, coupled with desire to share their knowledge through teaching the next generation of directors and board members.

In bringing together this wealth of knowledge,  you can be sure that you are getting diverse and deep wealth of industry expertise.

How Do I Know What Type of Boards Will Suit Me?

Our customers and graduates are a multi-talented group of individuals, who come together to share their wealth of board experience. As such, the diversity across boards is vast. We are confident, therefore, that we can certainly assist in finding the right board that meets your specific requirements and matches to your skillset.

Please contact us to discuss your options.

Refunds and Cooling Off period

In the event of your purchase of a programme:

You may express your right to cancel your purchase within 14 days. This request should be sent via email to A refund will be issued using the original payment method without undue delay.

This 14 day cooling off period only applies where the programme has not been accessed. Once the programme is accessed this is indication of use of service and acceptance of the terms and conditions. No refunds will be issued once the 14 day period has passed or once the programme has been accessed.

In the event of your payment of a deposit:

If you have paid a deposit for a programme, deposits paid for programme are non refundable.  In the event that, for whatever reason, you cannot take the programme that you paid the deposit for, you can take the next available course for the same price.