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Future proofing your resume for your route to the boardroom

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Estelle Davis

Managing Partner - Brightwater Executive

Mary Brennan

Board Director

John Madigan


Liam Mulcahy

INED, Mentor
16th of February 2022 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom

Key Takeaways

  • The speakers give their views on the changing demands and skills required with being an INED on boards today
  • The panel discussed the importance of regularly applying a critical lens on your CV and proactively up-skilling
  • EQ, IQ & AQ – how has the skills mix for INED positions changed in the last few years?
  • Why the INED journey can be a great and a rewarding career choice


This Webinar
This masterclass webinar examines how you can plan, execute, and hone your skills, while developing your professional network, to ensure you claim that desired seat as a director. You will hear the views of experienced INEDs, and learn more about the ideal skills and attributes that are sought by executive recruiters as they hire for the most successful boards.
This Speaker
Estelle Davis, managing partner at Brightwater Executive, moderates a roundtable discussion with Mary Brennan – board director, chairwoman, audit committee chair and risk committee chair, and John Madigan – independent non-executive director, certified investment fund director (CIFD) and Liam Mulcahy, independent non-executive director, executive mentor and general manager.

Estelle sits on two boards and is an experienced and accomplished executive recruiter with an extensive network across financial services, industry and public sectors and practice firms. She personally recruits for director and c-suite level hires across insurance, funds, financial services and public sectors. She also is project director for several FDI firms looking to further build or establish greenfield operations in Ireland.

Mary is an experienced professional, board director, chairwoman, audit committee chair and risk committee chair, with over a decade of board level experience in insurance and banking. She is also a chartered accountant and chartered director with significant expertise in the formation and chairing of audit committees and risk committees.  With over 30 years’ experience, having worked internationally in the USA, Europe, Australia and Malaysia, she also runs her own practice, licensed by Chartered Accountants Ireland.

John is an independent non-executive director with client coverage across UCITS, QIAIFs and corporates. John served as country head and general manager for the Irish branch of a Luxembourg based UCITS and AIFM management company (Super Manco). Prior to that John was country head for the Irish startup of a commercial real estate and infrastructure loan servicer, where he was authorised by the CBI as chief risk officer. John is former general manger and executive director for the Irish subsidiary of an EU based investment bank, serving as a board member for ten of a sixteen-year tenure.

Liam holds independent non-executive directorships on a number of boards and is an executive mentor, supporting clients with implementing commercial strategies in line with company brand development and their strategic goals. He has occupied numerous strategic commercial roles within the oil, energy and retail sectors over the past 25 years and has gained invaluable insights into international business models as well as diverse corporate cultures. He currently holds the position as general manger with an energy firm.

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