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Founded by seasoned leaders in corporate governance and education, the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company directors and board members.


The Corporate Governance Institute strives to ensure aspiring and existing directors possess world-class governance skills.

Today, boards, and their directors, are under increased scrutiny. Incompetent boards and directors enjoy less public sympathy, and corporate governance qualifications are increasingly required of directors.


Good governance has a positive impact on society and the planet. Poor governance can lead to negative outcomes for organisations and the communities they operate in.

We provide advanced governance training and certification at the highest level for board directors and aspiring directors.

We are the independent voice of governance, developing the mindset of a new generation of global leaders.


The Diploma in Corporate Governance is designed and delivered by directors for directors, it is globally recognised and democratises access to governance training.

The Diploma is affordable, dynamic and online – meaning our students enjoy the greatest flexibility.

Working with the top practitioners in the industry, we have developed a world-class syllabus for the modern board director.

We are a member of the European Qualification Framework (EQF), whose university accredited academic qualifications can be compared across nations.

We are the global voice for good corporate governance.


Anthony Quigley

Anthony Quigley

Anthony is a Board Member and Strategic Advisor to a number of educational organisations. A recognised leader in the online education sector, with a very strong pedagogical background, he co-founded and was CEO of Digital Marketing Institute, is founder of Code Institute (a fast-growing EdTech provider of software development programmes), strategic advisor, investor, and board member of a number of EdTech venture. He has founded, developed and sold a number of other successful businesses.

David W Duffy

David is the Founder & CEO of The Governance Company, an experienced board member, governance consultant and Ireland’s leading author on corporate governance. His last two books are “A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance” and “A Practical Guide for Company Directors”. David is considered an innovator in governance research and engagement and is an authority for all things board-related in Ireland and across Europe.

David W Duffy

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