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How to quickly upskill with ESG training

Organisations are prioritising environmental, social and governance (ESG) as it becomes more tightly regulated. Fast-track your sustainability skills and stay ahead of the competition with a globally recognised, industry-approved qualification from the global standard in ESG education.

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Employers across all sectors are seeking professionals with ESG skills. Set yourself apart in four modules equivalent to two days of training.


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Get an effective ESG strategy in place using traceable best practices suitable for all jurisdictions across the world.

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What delegates say about our courses:

“The Diploma in Corporate Governance was excellent. It was an eye opener for me and I learnt an immense amount from the course and tutors.”

Raj Kambo


“Excellent programme, content very relevant to existing and aspiring board members. Excellent support provided by the team in CGI and the online format worked very well.”

Audrey Boyde


“There was plenty of help and support available and patience as I engaged and learned. Very much appreciated the materials, delivery, and support.”

David Moore


“Challenging course but well delivered by an excellent team. Course materials very professional and lectures from a high calibre team with vast practical experience.”

John Hennessy


What you’ll learn in each module

The Overview in ESG professional certificate will give you the specialist skills you need to fast-track your career in ESG. You will learn through a mix of case studies, interactive exercises, written content and videos with experts.

The Origins of ESG

Deepen your understanding of ESG and how it has changed over time. Examine the drivers of change and major landmarks in the ESG story. In this module you’ll cover:

  • Key sustainability trends and concepts
  • A timeline of events: Trace the events that shaped ESG’s development through a history of corporate sustainability.
  • Key approaches to sustainability: Examine the business world’s evolving approach to sustainability.
  • ESG risks and opportunities: Understand ESG’s definition, scope and significance for an organisation’s offerings.

How you’ll apply your learning

  • Understand the factors contributing to the current ESG landscape and how they are interlinked.
  • Speak confidently about the concept and nuances of ESG within your organisation.
  • Identify best practice approaches to sustainability by understanding their merit and how they’ve evolved.

Speaker on this topic

Karima Mariama-Arthur Portrait

Karima Mariama-Arthur

Corporate Counsel | Corporate Governance Strategic Leadership Development & Organisational Performance

The evolving ESG landscape

Clearly understand what has led to, and is currently driving, the significant increase in ESG growth. Explore the various approaches to ESG. In this module you’ll cover:

  • The rise of ESG: Discover what has led to an increasing interest in ESG and the factors responsible.
  • ESG issues: Learn about the common issues at the core of many organisations’ ESG strategies.
  • ESG stakeholders: Get to know your stakeholders' expectations and how to respond.
  • ESG risks and opportunities: Explore the risks and opportunities associated with ESG and their relevance to your organisation.

How you’ll apply your learning

  • Confidently speak about the recent growth of ESG including its impact on the business landscape.
  • Recognise that your organisation’s ESG journey is long-term and evolving.
  • Offer insights into how different organisations are addressing ESG challenges and opportunities.

Speaker on this topic


Margot Slattery

Global Ambassador for Diversity & Inclusion, ISS

Integrating ESG into business strategy

Clearly understand how ESG fits into the overall business strategy. Learn how to build a credible strategy based on your organisation’s material issues. In this module you’ll cover:

  • ESG strategy: Learn how to use a comprehensive framework to develop your own ESG strategy.
  • Materiality: Explore what is material to a strategy and the steps to making it work.
  • Materiality to strategy: Be clear about how to turn your material assessment into a coherent strategy.
  • Setting targets: Identify how to set credible ESG ambitions that will be long-lasting.

How you’ll apply your learning

  • Recognise the importance of building a strategy that is relevant and tailored to your organisation.
  • Incorporate best practice methods around the issues you’ve identified.
  • Be able to get the information you need to develop and integrate your strategy.

Speaker on this topic


Ariel White-Tsimikalis

Partner Technology and Life Sciences group and Capital Markets, Goodwin

Leading ESG transformation in your organisation

Learn to implement a best practice ESG strategy. Discover how to lead a sustainable transformation using people, processes and technology. In this module you’ll cover:

  • Implementing your strategy: Follow a framework to implement your ESG strategy.
  • Design and enablers: Learn how to address disruptions when delivering your strategy.
  • Organisational design and communication: Define who is involved in delivering the strategy and communications plan.
  • Transformation plan: Discover how one organisation implemented a successful ESG transformation plan.

How you’ll apply your learning

  • Recognise what is needed to implement your organisation’s ESG strategy.
  • Confidently speak about any redesign of products, processes or partnerships
  • Be able to understand what’s needed to structure your ESG efforts.

Speaker on this topic

Paul Murgett

Sustainable Business Manager Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd

Learn through a mix of:

  • Case studies
  • Interactive exercises
  • Written content
  • Videos

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