Why younger people should join boards

by Beth Weber on Mar 30, 2022

younger people should join boards

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There are many reasons why younger people should join boards of directors. Organisations can benefit from the perspective and energy that young board members offer. Younger directors can also help bridge the gap between generations and provide a new perspective on the world, which can be helpful for organisations that are struggling with how to adapt to today’s evolving business world.

Younger board members can also provide fresh perspectives on what isn’t working in an organisation.  While many of the benefits go to the organisation, there can be many benefits for the young executive. Here are nine reasons why younger people should join boards. 

Become an effective leader

Being a board member comes with the prestige that can help young executives make a name for themselves. To reach the top of the business world, executives must have a positive reputation for effective leadership. That reputation can do more for an executive than practically anything else. Joining the board of directors in an organisation gives them a chance to be recognised for their work and its work as a whole.

Develop your skills

One of the most obvious reasons to join a board of directors is to gain experience serving on the board and attending board meetings. A good board member considers all of the organisation’s stakeholders and puts the company’s interests before personal gains. They must be willing to work hard beyond just attending meetings and go above and beyond in fundraising, networking and educating themselves about the company.

Bring new ideas

One of the reasons younger people should join boards is because they can be a valuable asset to the organisation. Younger board members often have a different perspective, which can be helpful for organisations that are struggling with how to adjust to today’s changing business environment. They are also more tech-savvy and may offer insights into using digital channels to reach younger customers.

Have an impact

In many cases, joining a board of directors means having a say in the organisation’s strategy and actions. This can be a highly motivating reason to participate. It gives young executives the chance to implement policies that can help the community while also bringing attention to the executive. If the new strategy changes go well, it reflects well on the young executive.

Board members can have a significant impact on the organisation’s strategy. The board of directors makes important decisions like approving and reviewing the annual budget, long-term financial plans, and strategic plans. Younger board members can help shape these decisions by providing input on what they think would be best for the company. Board members can also influence other areas of an organisation, such as organisational culture or leadership development.

Be a change agent

It’s easy to see the importance of having diversity on a board. Board members can offer different perspectives and help an organisation evolve by providing new ideas and strategies for success. Younger people can help an organisation move with the times, which can be important in an industry like technology where business moves quickly.

Serve the community

Being a member of a board of directors is also an opportunity to serve the community. Joining a board can help make positive changes in the world and work toward a more significant cause. Volunteering time on a board can ensure that organisations can use a younger employee’s time and talents in a way that’s helpful for others. By assisting others in the community, younger people can build up their network and become a greater resource for connections in the future.

Network with other leaders

The most apparent reason that younger people should join a board is that it gives them the opportunity to network with other people in the industry. The more people they know, the more connections they have, and the more options there are for their careers to advance. Board members will also meet new people with different perspectives who can offer insights on how they run their company or where they see growth opportunities.

Find new employment opportunities

When considering a board position, this allows for employment opportunities with other boards. If there is an opening on the board that a young executive wants but doesn’t feel qualified for, it can open up another opportunity for their resume and help establish their network.

Establish a long-term career path

Since the board of directors is one of the highest positions within an organisation, joining the board is a chance to establish a long-term career path. Joining the board means relative job security so that young executives can stay on the board for a long time. It’s a way of improving their chances of staying with a company.

If they leave the company, it may still mean that young executives can be board members for more of their careers. Organisations tend only to hire board members with experience, and having experience as a board member means that they are more likely to be hired as a board member than in other positions.

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