How to become a charity trustee – a practical guide

by Stephen Conmy


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Charity trustees are the group of people with overall responsibility for a charity. They are often called the board or governing body. Have you ever wondered how to become a charity trustee?

In this practical guide, supplied by Penny Wilson, CEO of Getting on Board (above), you will learn:

  • The role of a charity trustee
  • How to apply to be a charity trustee
  • What you’ve got to offer as a trustee
  • How to search for trustee vacancies
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What it’s like to be a trustee

The impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and the lockdowns changed how all of us go about our daily lives. It’s given us fresh opportunities to reflect on how we use our time, what is essential to each of us, and how our world can change dramatically overnight due to circumstances beyond our control.

Many charity trustees are already acutely aware of how circumstances dictate people’s quality of life and opportunities.

Again, the pandemic has demonstrated the strength of community during a crisis, the kindness of strangers, and how little gestures can make a huge difference. These qualities characterise the charity sector in Ireland and the UK.

How to become a charity trustee

The strength of a charity’s board of trustees can mean the difference between thriving or fighting for survival, particularly when tough times hit. But trustees are also incredibly ordinary people (in a wonderful, complementary way): they are everyday heroes.

Perhaps the current situation has prompted you to think differently about how you can use your time to make the world brighter for someone else? Maybe you’ve caught the volunteering bug and want to step it up a gear or take it in a new direction? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about becoming a trustee for a while and need to know where to start?

Whatever your circumstances, we hope you find this downloadable guide helpful in understanding, exploring and valuing the role of charity trustees.

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