Why joining a board is a brilliant career move

by Melanie Green on Mar 30, 2022

joining a board is a brilliant career move

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Joining a board of directors may be the ideal choice if you’re seeking a new career or are interested in taking your current job to the next level. Joining a board is a brilliant career move for many reasons not least because the experience will develop you personally and professionally. 

A board of directors is a group of people who are elected to oversee the activities and policies of a company. They work in an advisory capacity and typically meet once a month. Here are six reasons why it’s time to join a board of directors.

New career opportunities

Joining a board of directors can help your career by opening new doors. Your knowledge and expertise will be sought after by companies who may want to hire you as a consultant or in other capacities. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with some of the most influential people in your industry, which will make you an even more valuable resource to companies.

Shaping policies

One of the most valuable benefits of joining a board of directors is having a say in developing corporate policies. These policies are the rules and guidelines that govern how the company will operate. If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, being on a board allows you to contribute your thoughts and opinions on how the organisation should be run. Having a say in these matters can increase leadership opportunities and credibility with potential employers.

Influence decisions

Another reason younger executives should join a board of directors is the influence over decisions that affect the company. The board of directors has a lot of authority over how a company operates and what direction the company moves in. By joining the board, young executives can wield their influence to make positive changes in major companies, including changes that can help people outside of the company.

This influence, while powerful, is also indirect, which may be appealing to some executives. Although you don’t make any executive decisions, you can have input into decisions made by the board. You’ll sit on committees, vote on major decisions, and have access to proprietary information that can help you grow in your profession.

Learn new skills

Joining a board is a brilliant career move because it is an excellent way to learn new leadership skills, business management, communication, strategy development and consulting. You’ll learn how to run an organisation from the top down and how that develops into tangible actions that have far-reaching consequences. It’s also an opportunity to get involved in the business world and gain valuable experience, which can be the difference in applying for high-level management positions. After all, most companies want to hire someone with leadership experience. Serving on the board of directors gives you that experience.

Develop your network

One of the significant benefits of joining a board of directors is that you’ll be able to make connections with other board members and other companies. A large portion of what a board of directors does is make connections that help the company. You’ll build a network of contacts with influential, intelligent, and productive people that you can leverage to the company’s advantage. This is often how major business deals and partnerships start.

The best part is that your network of connections can go with you no matter where you go. Joining the board helps you develop that network, which can help young executives find the organisations they want to be a part of and give them the credentials to get there. You’ll also have access to possible mentors, advisors and influencers who can help you in your career. It’s a great way to broaden your network and develop new relationships.

Be seen as an expert in your field

The composition of a board of directors usually includes people with a wide range of experiences and expertise. As a board member, you are seen as an expert in your field. The company’s CEO typically appoints members, and those members have full voting rights. When you join a board of directors, you will gain a high level of visibility and recognition in your community and industry.

People will see that you’re an expert in your field, leading to more opportunities to share your expertise with others or provide consulting services. You can also use your position on a board of directors as a talking point when networking with people who need advice from an industry expert.

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