Governance training and the best diploma in corporate governance

by Alex Crimmins

governance training and the best diploma in corporate governance

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When it comes to governance training, what is the best online diploma in Corporate Governance? The best online diploma in Corporate Governance is one that can enhance your career and allows you to develop the practical knowledge, insight and global mindset to be a great board director.

A governance training diploma designed by directors, for directors

The Diploma in Corporate Governance is world-leading governance training designed by experienced board members for current and aspiring board members, including:

  • Senior executives and current board members interested in proactive governance, risk oversight, ESG and strategy. 
  • CEOs and c-suite executives interested in exploring the nuances and duties of board service, enhancing enterprise risk management, enhancing governance diversity, and taking on existing and emerging issues.
  • Those who are actively engaged in legal services and wish to learn fundamentals of corporate governance and how to evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of governance roles and responsibilities.

Watch CEO and founder of the Corporate Governance Institute, David W Duffy, explain what makes a great director

Governance training and knowing how boards operate is also essential before joining a board. Did you know that less than 1% of board members and company directors in the UK are certified? Becoming a certified board member is essential if you want to be an effective director. Did you know:

  • Companies with good corporate governance and strong non-executive directors on their boards make more money – they are more valuable for their investors.
  • Directors play a crucial role in policing the board, managing conflicts, and presenting factual information.
  • Being a non-executive director comes with many legal obligations. An independent director who fails to challenge bad corporate governance or ethical breaches can violate the law.
  • Governance relies heavily on the board of directors to observe an appropriate duty of care.
  • Reasonable governance expectations are placed on all directors, specifically on independent, non-executive directors.
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