Trust for charities is essential in raising money. Good governance helps

by Stephen Conmy


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The Corporate Governance Institute has awarded Michael Legge, from the Jessie May, Children’s Hospice at Home service in Bristol, a valued place on its Diploma program.

A place on the Diploma program of the Corporate Governance Institute is donated to a qualifying charity every month.

Are you part of a charity organisation? Learn more about the Diploma in Corporate Governance

Good governance is essential in charities and poor corporate governance can hurt the people most in need. The past shows that a loss of public trust leads to a fall in charitable donations.

“Charities need higher standards of corporate governance than any other type of organisation,” says David W Duffy, CEO of The Corporate Governance Institute.

“Charities across the world control billions in income every year. The ability to manage that money creates a great deal of responsibility and requires the highest standards of governance.”

Duffy says recognised qualifications in corporate governance were historically expensive and prohibitive for smaller charities.

“Not anymore. We believe that charity board members of all sizes should receive the right level of training, and it should not cost the earth.”

A charity governance code

The Diploma in Corporate Governance from The Corporate Governance Institute is in high demand. However, Duffy says the Institute is committed to helping charities and will offer a free place each month on the Diploma course to a qualifying charity or NGO.

The online, university-accredited, 36-hour Diploma takes twelve weeks to complete.

Charities in the UK and around the world rely on hundreds of thousands of voluntary board members and trustees. “They should have access to comprehensive training tailored to help them meet their governance responsibilities as outlined in the charity governance code,” says Duffy.

The creation of the Corporate Governance Institute comes at a time when legislators, companies and organisations want board members who have a broad knowledge of corporate governance practices.

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