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Risk oversight and governance: Is your board quantum ready?

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Maëva Ghonda

Chair - Quantum AI Institute
9th of November 2022 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom

Key Takeaways

About quantum computing:

  • Quantum computers are a new class of machines, they run on an entirely different platform from traditional computers.
  • The promise is that they’ll perform tasks exceptionally quicker than traditional computers.
  • They’re still in an early stage of development but many industries are exploring what their potential is.
  • While the new technology has many benefits, we must prioritise its catastrophic potential.
  • Quantum computers are rapidly maturing due to lots of investment from different areas.


Quantum threat to cyber security:

  • It’s a top risk for boards and directors.
  • There’s still a general lack of quantum risk awareness among board members.
  • An essential part of cyber security is cryptography.
  • Some quantum computers will be able to easily decrypt the digital systems we regularly use.
  • It’s important that boards provide clear leadership with a practical strategy.
  • Boards need to push for a practical governance model to manage the complex transition.
  • Although quantum computers are in their early stages, it’s important to start the awareness now.
  • Things organisations can do:
    • Create a quantum committee 
    • Share insights
    • Assign a chair
    • Define a charter
    • Establish a quarterly agenda
    • Scenario planning is highly encouraged
    • Assess the security of the organisation’s information assets
  • All organisations are at risk, we all rely on digital platforms but some are targeted more substantially such as the finance and health sectors.
  • There’s no standard way to prepare for a quantum attack at the moment other than assessing your IT.
  • Make a decision to become more familiar with quantum threats and what’s at stake, especially if you’re in management or on the board.
  • Introducing new cryptography protocols in an organisation takes time. Start now before you organisation is the victim of a quantum attack.


This Webinar

A quantum computer can solve a problem in minutes, whereas a classical computer would take 10,000 years. This development in quantum computing threatens our digital ecosystem – mobile phones, internet, social media. It means any classical encryption can be cracked which puts your organisation’s security at risk.

Join Maëva Ghonda, Chair of the Quantum AI Institute, to discover why it’s essential that quantum risk awareness and governance is understood and discussed at every board meeting.

This is going to be a fascinating webinar with plenty of insights to take back to your board. We’re looking forward to seeing you there and hearing your questions.

This Speaker

Maëva Ghonda specialises in Risk Oversight and Governance. She is the chair of the Quantum AI Institute and Senior Fellow of HQS Quantum Simulations, the leading quantum computing software company based in Germany. She was previously the Cybersecurity Blockchain Global Group Leader for the Cloud Security Alliance where she led a global group of 210 Cybersecurity and Blockchain professionals. She has held roles in Cybersecurity Risk Management, including at John Hancock Financial, a diversified financial services company that provides a broad range of investment products, advisory services and insurance to institutional clients and retail customers.

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