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Diversity in the Boardroom

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Margot Slattery

President - Sodexo
4th of February 2021 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom


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Does your boardroom, which might comprise of a fairly homogeneous group of individuals, really produce the most effective decisions and strategy for your company?
Does such a boardroom have exposure to a wide enough range of perspectives to facilitate robust discussions of issues that arise? Is there something missing?
According to Accenture Ireland, 67pc of directors knew up to three or more people on the board before joining and that men are almost three times more likely than women to be appointed to boards through a direct approach. Around 63pc of women say unconscious bias is the main barrier to the boardroom club.
Does your boardroom, which might comprise of a fairly homogenous group of individuals, really produce the most effective decisions and strategy for your company?
These and other Diversity in the boardroom issues are some of the topics that we addressed in this webinar, hosted by Margot Slattery who is Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Sodexo

This Speaker

As country president for Sodexo, Margot’s role includes corporate governance and directorial responsibility for growing the various business segments – corporate, government, education, healthcare and homecare that operate in the Republic and Northern Ireland.
Margot is a member of Sodexo’s global LGBT network leadership team, which has been influential in promoting and championing LGBT equality across the world. She also chairs the UK and Ireland sexual orientation workstream, part of Sodexo’s diversity approach.

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