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The value of disability in the boardroom

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Crosby Cromwell

Social Impact Strategist w/a Disability Lens - The Valuable 500
4th of August 2021 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom

Key Takeaways

Invest in initial conversations with disabled people so they can learn directly from those who have relevant experience.
Appoint a board-level champion who is accountable for disability performance within their organisation.
Lead from the top and set their ambition with a global disability performance strategy.
Increase workforce productivity and engagement by learning how to provide the right tools and flexibility for all.
Invest in insight from disabled consumers to drive efficiencies and innovation.
Educate teams to put inclusive design at the heart of product and service development.
Ensure everyone within their organisation understands why inclusivity matters to the business, their brand and society.


This Webinar

Businesses have an opportunity to access a market and talent pool equivalent to the population of China while helping people with disabilities to thrive in all areas of their lives. However, only 4% of businesses focus on making offerings inclusive of disability.

This Speaker

Crosby Cromwell is the chief partnerships officer at The Valuable 500 – a global collective of 500 multinational organisations putting disability on the boardroom agenda.
In this session, Crosby talks about the business value of disability inclusion and reveals how inclusive organisations have a brand, reputation and bottom-line advantage over their peers.

The Valuable 500 is a business-to-business initiative to enhance the influence of large private-sector corporations (1000+ employees) in national and international markets.

By joining The Valuable 500, companies agree to:

Table disability on the board agenda.
Make one firm commitment to action.
Share their commitment to The Valuable 500 internally and externally.

Why this matters

Over 1.3 billion people across the world live with some form of disability.
Only 4% of businesses are focused on making offerings inclusive of disability.
There are more clothing lines for dogs than for disabled people.
Together with their friends and family, people with disabilities have a spending power of $8 trillion.

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