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The Effective Company Secretary

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Why Being an Effective Company Secretary is Essential

The Company Secretary is crucial to the successful operation of your board, as well as being a legal requirement in many types of companies. Harness your knowledge.

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What delegates say about our courses:

“The Diploma in Corporate Governance was excellent. It was an eye opener for me and I learnt an immense amount from the course and tutors.”

Raj Kambo


“Excellent programme, content very relevant to existing and aspiring board members. Excellent support provided by the team in CGI and the online format worked very well.”

Audrey Boyde


“There was plenty of help and support available and patience as I engaged and learned. Very much appreciated the materials, delivery, and support.”

David Moore


“Challenging course but well delivered by an excellent team. Course materials very professional and lectures from a high calibre team with vast practical experience.”

John Hennessy


What you will learn

Bring your understanding of how to be an effective company secretary to the next level with this in depth insight into the legal basis for the role, how the role has evolved and its multiple aspects.

Roles and Responsibilities

Gain a deep understanding of the roles of the company secretary such as administration, running board meetings, record keeping, execution of documents and advisory assistance.


Learn how to effectively model good leadership behaviour in relation to good corporate governance such as organisational skills and the importance of personal values.

Relationship Management

Be fully aware how to build good relations with key stakeholders and the board, and how to be a solutions provider and trusted advisor.

Technology in the boardroom

Gain a solid understanding of the company secretary’s role in analysing, adopting and deploying new approaches and technology in the boardroom.

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How you will apply your learning

You will confidently be able to answer the following questions:

Is the board and its directors effectively performing their responsibilities within the legal requirements?

Is the organisation maintaining the appropriate governance systems and processes?

Are the board papers contributing to effective decision making by the board?

Is best practice in minute taking being followed and are the unique legal requirements for minute taking in specific situations be adhered to?

Are statutory returns being filed appropriately and are documents, including legal documents, being managed and retained as required?

Are the organisation’s legal and regulatory obligations, including advisory governance codes, being communicated effectively before and during board meetings?

Who will be teaching the course?

Gerry Egan

Gerry is an experienced chairman, company director and company secretary with over 30 years of experience in a commercial state company where he held several senior executive roles and led significant transformation programmes. He currently serves on the boards of Carmichael and Dóchas.


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