What makes a high-performance board?

by Stephen Conmy on Apr 13, 2022

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Anne-Marie Taylor

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Board Excellence


Anne-Marie Taylor is a non-executive director on boards including the Public Appointments Service, the UCD Governing Authority and the Irish Hospice Foundation.

She is currently a partner with Board Excellence and is responsible for non-executive director search and selection.

Most of her executive career was with Accenture, where she held several local and global roles.

She is also co-founder of the Board Diversity Initiative, which produces a directory of senior women suitable for board roles.

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What makes a high-performance board? How do you run productive board meetings?

What characteristics do influential company directors have? Is your board high-performing or dysfunctional?

Find out more with this 30-minute masterclass by Anne Marie Taylor, partner with Board Excellence.

In this interview with Stephen Conmy, Anne-Marie Taylor describes how Board Excellence carries out board evaluations and what constitutes a high-performance board. She also discusses:

  • Why companies are looking to extract real value from their boards
  • Why smaller companies and family firms are now recruiting non-executive directors
  • How a strong board can deliver better business outcomes
  • What makes a skilled and engaged director successful
  • The six-point scale Board Excellence uses to evaluate boards
  • Why an effective chair is the most critical influence on a high-performing board
  • Why non-executive directors need to find the ‘Goldilocks zone’ when dealing with their CEO and the executive
  • The skills that are currently in high demand, including ESG, digital transformation and cybersecurity
  • How startups can get great value from an effective NED
  • The characteristics of a good director
  • Why diversity is such an essential factor in a board’s success
  • How people should approach landing their first role on a board

About Board Excellence

Board Excellence has offices in Ireland and the UK and specialises in creating high-performance boards that drive an organisation’s performance.

A high-performing board of directors is essential for sound governance and the sustained success of all organisations. 

Despite the complexity and diversity of factors that impact an organisation’s performance, a highly effective board of directors directly impacts the company’s success beyond its statutory requirements. It is a powerful source of added value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

The aim is to empower board clients to achieve step changes in their effectiveness, performance, and the value they create for their organisations so that average boards become more effective and effective boards become high-performing.

High-performing boards are characterised by a convergence of people dynamics, behaviours, and focus. When these three aspects come together, your board will deliver real value to shareholders and stakeholders.

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