Opportunities for Women on Boards

by Stephen Conmy on Mar 9, 2022

opportunities for women on boards board roles for women
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The demand for women board members is on the rise. In order for organisations to thrive, their boardrooms must reflect society. Do you have what it takes to join a board? Download our free eBook to find out.

The key points covered in ‘Opportunities for Women on Boards’ include:

  • Why more women on boards produce outcomes for organisations and society at large
  • Why becoming a board member is a very strong career move
  • Why you must want to serve on a board for the right reasons
  • The traits and skills (soft and hard) that are in demand. Do you have them?
  • How gender diversity affects boardroom dynamics, and why the percentage of women is highly correlated with an emphasis on boardroom relationships and collaboration
  • Why firms are now actively recruiting more women to their boards and the opportunities for women on boards
  • How much board members get paid
  • What makes a great board member and non-executive director
  • The organisations available to support women on their journey to the boardroom


  • eBook - Opportunities for Women on Boards
  • eBook - Opportunities for Women on Boards

Studies by McKinsey & Company have shown that companies with a diverse workforce and leadership team achieve financial performance above their industry median.

Today, women control nearly two-thirds of global consumer demand and spend about $28 trillion a year.

In order for companies to thrive and grow, their boardrooms must reflect the diversity of their consumer base.

A research project called, Board Diversity and Effectiveness in FT350 Companies, found that:

  • Higher levels of gender diversity of boards positively correlate with better future financial performance (as measured by EBITDA margin).
  • Boards with well-managed gender diversity contribute to higher stock returns and are less likely to experience shareholder dissent.
  • Diversity affects boardroom dynamics, and the percentage of women is highly correlated with an emphasis on boardroom relationships and collaboration.

The research also found that the skills needed in the diverse boardrooms of the future included adaptability and resilience, strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, interpersonal skills and embracing diversity.

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