ESG for manufacturers – a practical guide

by Stephen Conmy on Feb 21, 2023

ESG for manufacturers
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ESG for manufacturers is a beginner’s guide to this increasingly essential topic for executives and board members working in the various manufacturing sectors.

Welcomed or not, ESG’s hold on the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly. 

If managers and leaders in this space don’t learn what it means and how it relates to their business, they can easily fall short of expectations and get in trouble with stakeholders. 

ESG (or environmental, social and governance) is about how businesses protect the planet and its people while striving for profit. It’s not only a multi-pronged approach but quickly becoming the centrepiece of company strategies worldwide. 

As one of the world’s biggest employers, with solid links to earth’s natural resources, the manufacturing industry’s relationship with ESG can easily fall under heavy scrutiny. 

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The key points covered in this guide include:

  • What ESG is, and why it matters
  • Why ESG is a crucial addition to strategy for the manufacturing industry
  • The concept of ESG targets and how they apply to you
  • Why the ‘E’ in ESG should enjoy a unique position on manufacturers’ priority lists
  • Where the S & G fit 
  • A further look at ESG solutions

An introduction to ESG and manufacturing

While this eBook is an introduction to ESG and manufacturing, the field of ESG is ever evolving and becoming central to all manufacturing sectors.

To expand your knowledge to the level your stakeholders expect, enrol in our globally recognised Diploma in ESG.

As a qualified ESG leader, you’ll no longer be racing to catch up with the latest standards and reporting techniques. 

Instead, you’ll be able to anticipate investors’ questions, manage the risks, and implement appropriate ESG frameworks to operate across your entire organisation. 

All ten modules are taught online and entirely self-paced, so the diploma allows you to learn at a comfortable speed. 

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