An introvert’s guide to Zoom – you’ve got the power

by Stephen Conmy

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Across the corporate world, those who are bold and brash often rise to the top. In this ‘Introvert’s guide to Zoom’ we examine the hidden superpowers introverts possess and how these can be much more valuable in meetings than the contributions made by the loudest voices.

Usually, in meetings, the people who consume the most oxygen are extroverts who like the sound of their voices. This world tends to devalue the more timid, the shy, the introverts.

Now that we have so many work meetings via Zoom or other video conferencing tools, there is an opportunity for introverts to shine, be heard, be seen and contribute effectively.

Here’s a handy guide that looks at the hidden superpowers of introverts and how these can be applied to Zoom meetings.

The future of work

According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report, the future of work will be defined by creative collaboration. As we will see, this shift to collective innovation is changing the face of leadership.

Automation is shifting the role of workers so that tasks requiring following orders more and more will be dutifully fulfilled by machines.

Those jobs involving human ingenuity will be given to people working in collaborative teams that need a new kind of leadership.

In short, introverts, you’ve got the power!

A huge advantage

According to the Science of People, introverts tend to be more sensitive than extroverts and are more likely to notice and respond to the variety of voices in the group. Introverts are, in fact, more generally sensitive—“research shows that introverts have a fundamentally different way of perceiving the world — and this is a huge advantage.”

The power of humility and a guide to Zoom

Not only can you attend Zoom calls and meetings as a sensitive, thoughtful listener, but you can also forget about being the boastful self-promoter. Embrace the humility that comes more naturally to introverts.

Leaders of collaborative creative groups need to be the sort who are open to the ideas of others. They need to realise many other people might have better ideas than their own.

Studies have found that introverts are more humble than extroverts. Humility is an incredibly important — and hard to learn trait. It makes introverts more perceptive, more open and less bogged down by ego.

Humility is also associated with the desire to be of service to others.

Understand the superpowers introverts posses

When you download this guide, you will not only learn about the superpowers introverts possess; you will also receive an abundance of practical tips on how to attend Zoom meetings and how to prepare for, and thrive in, the virtual world.


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