How are boards adapting to the hybrid world?

In this webinar, Jon Evans from iBabs will present the data iBabs have collected over the last 18 months and show how organisations reacted to being forced to work remotely and what decisions they are making to evolve post pandemic

What is a chairperson what is the role of the chair

What is the role of the chair of the board?

The chair (or chairperson) is essential to the smooth running and effectiveness of the board of directors. Since the chair represents the company to the outside world and determines the order of the agenda, this role requires excellent leadership skills. 

Mergers and Acquistions- Why culture keeps destorying value

Mergers and Acquisitions: Why culture keeps destroying value

This webinar was presented by Lorraine Wrafter. Well-capitalised companies now have the opportunity to make acquisitions, consolidate power and yet history will repeat itself – M&As often destroy value. Why? Because the focus will be on financial statements, structure, synergies, and high-level “culture” rather than preventing confusion, conflicts, and distrust during integration. Why does this keep happening?


What you need to know about the G in ESG

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues have been attracting increasing attention due in part to increased investor focus. Understanding what the G means is imperative for directors who want to demonstrate progressive thinking.

OECD Corporate Governance Factbook

OECD Corporate Governance Factbook 2021

In the context of rebuilding our economies in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and promoting stronger, cleaner and fairer economic growth, good corporate governance plays an essential role.

6 Steps To Becoming a Paid Non Executive Director

Six steps to becoming a paid non-executive director

This webinar was delivered by David Duffy, founder & CEO of The Corporate Governance Institute. For many aspiring directors, getting a non-executive director role will be part of planning as they come to the end of their executive career.