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Networking your way to the boardroom

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Kingsley Aikins

CEO - The Networking Institute
19th of January 2022 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom

Key Takeaways

  • We tend to have two types of networks in our lives – organic (stuff that happens) and earned (strategic connections)
  • Networking isn’t something you are born with, and sociability doesn’t mean a person is good at networking
  • Introverts are often better networkers than extroverts – why?
  • Listening is the number one skill when networking
  • The ATM approach to networking – if you keep taking money out without putting any more in, you will soon have insufficient funds
  • Networking is reciprocal – it is not a one-way street
  • The IKEA approach to networking – the more time and effort you put into building your network, the better the result
  • To be a great networker, you must ‘send the elevator back down’, pass on your knowledge
  • Life is a game of inches. The difference between success and failure can be wafer-thin, but the implications can be enormous
  • What can make or break an opportunity is the ‘nudge factor’ often created by a ‘tipping agent’ i.e. a person within your network
  • When you talk to strangers, break routines, and get out there, opportunities will come your way
  • Networking is work, but it should be enjoyable
  • Curiosity is your ally
  • Listening should be your skill
  • A network is a group of people that treats each other with respect
  • There are more talented people outside your network than inside your network. Try and find them


This Webinar

There has been a hidden cost to COVID – our networks have shrunk. We have tended to hunker down with friends and family and a small number of business contacts. However, with a possible end in sight to COVID we need to get back networking, refresh our networking skills and rebuild strong and diverse networks. Now is the time not to get down but to get ready.

This webinar by Kingsley Aikins, CEO of The Networking Institute will focus on why networking is now more important than ever and will lay out a precise four-step process on how to build your network. He will outline the behaviour changes needed and the specific skills required. He will talk about the power of social capital, the importance of soft skills, the role of luck and serendipity and the critical skill of being a world class listener.

You will leave this session with a keen appreciation of networking as the difference maker and how small changes can have major impacts. Everybody will also receive a copy of his ’50 Networking Tips’.

This Speaker

This webinar will be delivered by Kingsley Aikins – founder and CEO of The Networking Institute, whose mission is to help individuals and organisations achieve their goals through networking effectively. He is a recognised expert on the topic and has written and spoken extensively on the benefits of networking and how to develop your networking skills.

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