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How are boards adapting to the hybrid world?

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Jon Evans

Sales manager UK/IRL - iBabs
28th of July 2021 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom

Key Takeaways

Boards found it challenging to adopt when lockdowns came as the paper-based (print out) board papers and packs were suddenly tricky to arrange and distribute
People that were using paper suddenly found themselves at sea; they panicked
Teams and boards suddenly had to get familiar with software like Zoom
Boards tried to solve the paperless situation by using email. This had its difficulties.
Boards turned to use board portals
Training directors to use various new collaborative software proved very difficult
The time suck of adapting to new ways of working was huge
As we emerge from lockdown restrictions, most (68%) of companies surveyed by iBabs say they will return to the office and start using a hybrid work and meeting model
As companies emerge from the restrictions, they should survey their staff and ask how they prefer to work
Flexible working is and should be the new norm. The 9-5 is dead
Companies and boards should work smarter and embrace the change
The technology to help with hybrid working is available and boards need to adapt


This Webinar

Without a doubt, the pandemic has turned all of our worlds upside down, not least with how we perform our roles in the workplace. In this webinar, Jon Evans from iBabs presented data his firm has collected over the last 18 months and shows how organisations reacted to being forced to work remotely and what decisions they are making to evolve post-pandemic. He also offers his insights into what mindset boards should adopt to ensure the most efficient governance for their organisation.

This Speaker

Jon Evans is the sales manager UK/Ire at iBabs. He has over nine years of experience in the board management software industry. Having lived and worked in EMEA, APAC and North America with FTSE 100, Euronext 100, Fortune 500, ASX 200 companies, he brings with himself considerable knowledge and experience of board meeting structures and processes.

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