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Corporate Governance Institute appoints Katie Burke as COO

by Stephen Conmy on Jun 16, 2022

The Corporate Governance Institute, an Irish-founded, global EdTech company focused on corporate governance and executive training has appointed Katie Burke as its COO as part of its rapid growth strategy. Her appointment brings a huge wealth of experience to the business, which is scaling rapidly across Ireland, the UK and the US.

Prior to joining the Corporate Governance Institute, Katie was the senior manager responsible for policy and implementation at the Centre for Effective Services. Katie is also an experienced board member of national and international organisations ​​and the author of many guides on implementation, used in policy and services in Ireland and internationally. 

“We are really excited to have someone as experienced as Katie on our team, and her role will be important as we continue our growth goals for 2022 and beyond. This year is a big one for our new business, with the launch of various new products and technologies, and I believe that having Katie on our side will make this goal more attainable”, says David W Duffy, CEO and co-founder of the Corporate Governance Institute. 

“The Corporate Governance Institute is an innovative business and brand that aims to democratise corporate governance and create more diverse boardrooms – that is what really drew me to the company. I wanted to be a part of this mission. I have had years of experience in senior management (executive) and board roles (non-executive) and I look forward to bringing what I have learned to this fast-growing, digital-first business,” says Katie Burke.

“It’s what makes this business unique. It is fully online with self-paced options. Less than one-percent of board members around the world are certified. We see a huge, global opportunity,” says Katie Burke. 

Fully online

The Corporate Governance Institute was founded in 2020 by David W Duffy and Anthony Quigley and provides training and certification for board members. Along with the Diploma’s in Corporate Governance and ESG, the Institute has certificate courses in key boardroom topics including environmental, social and governance (ESG); digital transformation; cybersecurity; and the company secretary. 

The Corporate Governance Institute is a digital-first organisation. All courses can be taken online. 

“It’s what makes this business unique,” says Katie Burke. “It is fully online with self-paced options. Less than one-percent of board members around the world are certified. We see a huge, global opportunity in a sector that has languished in the past for too long and I am excited to play a part.” 

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