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ESG for Directors




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Why ESG for Directors is Essential

Geopolitical influences, environmental concerns and shifting human values are changing the business world as we know it. Harness your knowledge to meet the emerging challenges.



ESG is a significant growth area, 2020 saw a 96% increase in sustainable investing from the biggest investment funds. 2019 saw $20.6bn in new money transferred to ESG funds – 4x the amount seen in 2018.



Two thirds of European workers expect employers to help solve societal issues.
Consumers now demand social and environmental commitments from businesses.


Companies are expected to commit to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. ESG is your company’s 360-degree view of how to navigate and respond to risk and opportunity.

Become the ESG expert in your organisation with the skills and knowledge to understand how ESG impacts business and the opportunities that exist when you take care of it

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What our delegates say

“Pitched at the right level, at the right time and you are supported by a very energetic team in CGI.”

Bob Hoffman – Ireland

Managing Partner

“An excellent programme that was enhanced by the depth of expertise possessed by tutors.”

Peter Fitzgerald – Ireland

Non Executive Director

This was an excellent course. The materials were well designed. I have no hesitation in recommending this course.

Jon Gillies – United Kingdom


What you will learn

Bring your knowledge of ESG to the next level with this in depth insight into how environmental, social and governance factors impact business.

Key Concepts

Gain a solid understanding of ESG and be in a position to share the multiple opportunities with your board.


Take an in depth look at the organisations approaching ESG effectively, how they are gaining from this and the strategies your board needs to adopt for similar gains.


Be clear about the need for quality ESG data and how to interpret it. Learn the best ways to incorporate ESG and sustainability reporting in your organisation.


Learn how to persuade the board to build an ESG integrated organisation that links processes, systems and culture to core ESG values.

How you will apply your learning

Stay relevant in an ever-changing world and fully understand how ESG can transform organisations by being able to confidently answer these questions:

How can your organisation navigate the changing landscape of ESG?

How can your organisation develop a strategic approach to ESG?

How can you organisation build an ESG framework that is future-proofed for tomorrow’s economic realities?

Does the board understand the regulatory and legal framework sufficiently to operate successfully within the scope of ESG?

Is the board clear about the central role ESG has in increasing employee engagement and retention?

Does the board fully grasp how ESG can positively transform the growth of your organisation?

Who will be teaching the course?

Rhea Abuquerque

Rhea Albuquerque is ESG Lead and Head of Product Development at the Corporate Governance Institute with a strong background working with multinationals and start ups. Along with developing, writing and delivering content for ESG related courses and thought leadership articles for the institute, Rhea also regularly speaks on ESG topics. At its most fundamental, Rhea wants organisations to be clear about why they need to engage with ESG now. When they do, she says, there will be a multitude of opportunities for both the business and society.


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