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Greta Hickey

by Stephen Conmy

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What does leadership mean to you and how do you define it?

Being a leader means leading by example, and following through – doing what you say you are going to do. A leader needs to lead while also being inclusive, ‘bringing’ people with you on the journey.

What is the most important lesson you have learned, from your personal or business life?

The importance of being yourself, in whatever sphere of life. Don’t pretend to be something you are not, as this will lead to an eventual breakdown of any work or personal relationship.

Is there someone who has had a major impact on you as a leader?

My first boss, when I got my first ‘proper’ job. This was in Glen Abbey ( a former well known Irish company no longer in existence) where I worked for 5 years. I learned everything I needed to know to start my future business journey, this leading me to being a director for a major multinational company.

Have you experienced failure? If so, what did you learn?

I think everyone experiences failure in some form or other – this is what helps you learn and grow. What I learnt from ‘when things went wrong’, is the importance of proper preparation, clear communication and attention to detail.

Who do you admire in the business world and why?

I admire Irish companies who are enhancing our reputation for quality environmentally ‘clean’ produced products. This needs to be supported to ensure we maintain that important reputational image of our country.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring board directors?

Be prepared, and put in the time necessary. Make sure you are familiar with the subject matter. Listen carefully. Then you can contribute constructively.

If you were able to run one company, apart from your own business, which would you choose and why?

Be prepared. Put in the time necessary. Make sure you know the subject matter. Listen carefully. Then you can contribute constructively.

Member Spotlight

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