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What does the ‘G’ in ESG mean?

by David W Duffy on Mar 8, 2023

This episode of the Environmental Transformation Podcast features a conversation between host Sean Grady and David W Duffy, co-founder and CEO of the Corporate Governance Institute.

The podcast explores why ESG now drives so much focus for boards and their directors. It also examines:

  • The simple meaning of ESG
  • Why companies are embracing ESG
  • What good governance means
  • How to get on a board
  • The skills of good board members
  • Directors’ roles and responsibilities
  • ESG strategy

You can also take your ESG understanding to the next level by completing the Diploma in ESG. Download the course brochure below or here.

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The Environmental Transformation Podcast brings you interviews with leaders in the environmental industry to provide environmental, sustainability and safety professionals and business leaders with information about industry trends, regulatory changes, digital and software technologies, and service providers transforming the industry.

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