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How to prepare and position yourself for board roles

by Stephen Conmy on May 20, 2021

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David W. Duffy

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Founder & CEO of The Corporate Governance Institute

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The Corporate Governance Institute

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‘Matters for the board’ is a series of bespoke online networking and learning events organised for members of the Corporate Governance Institute. 

David W Duffy, founder and CEO of the Corporate Governance Institute, hosted the first session.

You can re-watch the first event that focused on preparing yourself for a position as a non-executive director and board member. This session was attended by members:

  • Louise Lonergan
  • Bob Hoffman
  • Tom Cullen
  • Fred Smith
  • Mark Hamilton

Matters for the board topics included:

  • How to define your USP as a prospective board member
  • How to ‘sell yourself’ to the market
  • How to ‘keyword’ your LinkedIn profile to ensure recruiters know you are available for board positions
  • The importance of mining your network and developing new networks
  • How to become more visible to your networks
  • Why becoming a mentor for startups can help your industry profile
  • The time commitment you will face as a board member
  • How to refine your CV for board positions
  • The benefits of a Diploma in Corporate Governance
  • How to prepare and position yourself for board roles

These exclusive information sessions are for members of the Corporate Governance Institute who want more practical guidance and tips on becoming highly effective directors.

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