What is board member training?

by Stephen Conmy on Aug 15, 2022

Board member training and qualification

Before joining a board of directors, you must first understand how boards work. Do you know what goes on in a boardroom, how boards are structured, and what are the duties and responsibilities of a company director? Putting it simply, you will benefit enormously from director training if you want to serve on a board.

Board member training and a qualification in corporate governance

All new board members should prepare for the responsibilities they will face.

Regardless of age or experience, every director is bound by strict regulations and legislation, backed by penalties for serious transgressions and this is why a qualification in corporate governance is so important. You need to understand the roles and responsibilities of a company director.

To sum it up simply – as a director, you must act in the company’s best interest under the company laws of your jurisdiction.

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How to prepare for a board director role

If you want to become a board member, don’t let the stereotype that boards are mainly pale, male, and middle class discourage you from applying.

From both a corporate quality perspective and a broader social perspective, pale, male and stale boardrooms are now frowned upon. Why?

There is an emphasis on boardroom diversity, and the door will always be open to the best candidates

Many boards have failed over the years because they were unable to overcome ‘group think’ – the tendency for individuals from similar backgrounds to think the same way, despite one of the critical functions of the board being to introduce a variety of perspectives into decision-making.

In response, there is an emphasis on boardroom diversity, and the door should always be open to the best candidates.

As a company director, it is expected that you should have strong practical and sectoral expertise and you should know how boards work. Nobody is born with all the boardroom skills they need. We have to develop our knowledge over time.

We must also invest time in developing our leadership and directorship skills. Director training – a globally recognised corporate governance course – will give you a toolbox of skills, including a better understanding of compliance and performance and an understanding of proper board structures and legal obligations.

Director training to become a board member

Designed and delivered by directors for new directors, the Diploma in Corporate Governance is a global, formally accredited qualification in corporate governance.

This Diploma is designed by directors who understand the practical skills required to develop the mindset to become an effective board member.

By taking the Diploma in Corporate Governance, you will gain:

  • A clear understanding of the pillars of corporate governance and how to act as a board member
  • A thorough grasp of how boards function and how to conduct effective board meetings
  • Knowledge of how the various board committees operate and how they enhance the effectiveness of a board
  • The skills and expertise that a board director needs 
  • The tools, templates and confidence to make an impact in the boardroom
  • A deep insight into the ongoing and changing ethical issues and how to apply them to a modern board
  • Insights into the nature and effect of the culture on an organisation 
  • The ability to evaluate key risks facing an organisation and how to mitigate such risks
  • The skills to evaluate a board, for example, if you are about to join one – is it a fit for you? 
  • How to prepare and apply for board roles

To learn more about the Diploma in Corporate Governance, please download the course brochure below.

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