What makes a highly-effective, global board member?

by Stephen Conmy

Full name

Nick Stephens

Job Title

Executive Chairman

Company Name

The RSA Group


Nick Stephens is executive chairman of The RSA Group, a global executive search company in the life sciences sector. This in-depth interview leads Roy Sheppard to ask Stephens for his insights on how ambitious executives around the world can better position themselves as effective board members.

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Nick Stephens talks about:

  • The factors that lead to ineffective boards
  • The components that make for an effective board
  • The director skills lacking among candidates who might have superb academic qualifications
  • Data-driven methods to build and develop boards
  • The UK’s updated Governance Code and its approach to corporate governance
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • What makes an effective non-executive director
  • The skills in high demand from NEDs
  • What makes an effective Chair
  • How vital the relationship is between the CEO and the Chair
  • The key issues facing UK boards as companies emerge from the pandemi
Board Member

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