Seven ways to build strong relationships

by Jo Ellis on Feb 22, 2023

ways to build strong relationships

Developing strong interpersonal relationships with people and colleagues is crucial to any successful business. It can help foster trust, build loyalty and increase productivity. However, it can be challenging to develop these relationships, especially when different personalities and backgrounds are at play.

Fortunately, there are seven steps you can take to ensure that your interactions with people go smoothly and lead to positive outcomes.
With the right approach, developing interpersonal relationships with people can become second nature, resulting in more effective team communication and increased success for everyone involved.

What are relationships, and why are they important?

Interpersonal relationships are connections between two people based on mutual trust and respect. These relationships can benefit you in various situations, from negotiations to team management.

Good interpersonal relationships allow you to:

•         Build trust: Establishing trust with people is critical to successful collaborations and can help ensure sustainable outcomes for all parties involved.

•         Communicate effectively: Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful interpersonal relationships. You should strive to be clear, honest, and consistent in your stakeholder interactions.

•         Listen carefully: Listening can help directors gain insight into each stakeholder’s needs and perspective, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

•         Show respect: Respecting peoples’ opinions and ideas can go a long way in building trust and loyalty.

•         Manage conflict: To achieve positive outcomes, you must be prepared to handle conflicts between stakeholders diplomatically and professionally.

How can you develop relationships?

In your working life, developing relationships with people is essential to ensure the success of your business. 

For example, getting to know each stakeholder and understanding what they need from their involvement with your company is essential if you are on a company’s board

By building strong connections and understanding the needs of all stakeholders, you can create an environment where everyone works together for the organisation’s benefit.

Maintaining positive relationships with people also takes work. Here are seven ways to build strong relationships.

1. Develop your interpersonal skills

Improving your interpersonal skills can help you develop better relationships with others. This includes communicating effectively, listening actively, and showing empathy and respect.

2. Understand other people’s needs

Understanding each person’s motivations and goals is essential to create effective collaborations.

3. Establish a collaborative environment

You should strive to create an environment of trust and mutual respect between people to ensure successful collaborations.

The relationships you develop throughout your career become the pillars that uphold your leadership in the future.

4. Stay connected

Keep in touch with people through regular meetings, emails, and phone calls. This can help you stay current on relevant developments and maintain a positive relationship.

5. Look out for opportunities

You should actively seek opportunities to solve stakeholders’ problems or provide solutions that could benefit their organisation.

6. Show appreciation

Showing gratitude for people’s contributions can help you create a positive relationship with them and ensure successful collaborations in the future.

7. Respect people’s time

Considering peoples’ busy schedules and respecting their time is essential for maintaining good relationships.

Strengthening your relationships takes time — what happens when friction threatens this delicate ecosystem?

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How can you resolve conflicts with people? 

Conflict is natural and can arise in any interaction with people. Having the right tools and strategies to resolve disputes quickly and effectively is crucial in business.

Here are some tips on successfully handling conflicts that may arise during personal interactions.

•         Address issues quickly: Conflicts should be addressed as soon as possible before they have the chance to worsen.

•         Remain neutral: You should strive to remain neutral and unbiased when addressing conflicts to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

•         Establish clear guidelines: Establishing clear rules and guidelines can help stakeholders understand each other’s expectations and avoid potential conflicts.

Sometimes, relationships get damaged in the crosshairs of business. Is there a remedy?

What should you do if a relationship deteriorates beyond repair?

Sometimes, a personal relationship may deteriorate beyond repair despite your best efforts. In this case, follow these steps to ensure that the situation is managed correctly:

•         Acknowledge the problem: People should acknowledge and accept that the relationship has deteriorated beyond repair.

•         Seek professional help: If necessary, seek professional help from a mediator to resolve any issues that may have contributed to the deterioration.

•         Document everything: It’s essential to document all interactions with stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.

•         Consider termination: If the relationship is beyond repair, you can terminate it to protect your best interests.

Interpersonal relationships are essential for people in business and life to succeed. 

Establishing trust, communicating effectively, listening carefully, showing respect, and managing conflict are crucial to successful interpersonal relationships. 

With the right skills and strategies, directors can create a supportive environment that leads to successful collaborations and positive relationships with people throughout the year.

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