Enhance your skills as a director

by Stephen Conmy on Aug 29, 2022

enhance your skills

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Can you learn how to make better decisions? What about meetings? Can you become a stand-out performer in meetings capable of asking the questions that matter? Overall, can you enhance your skills as a business leader?

Yes is the answer to each question. The Diploma in Corporate Governance is designed to enhance your performance as a business leader and a board member, and now you can experience it for free.

If you want to understand further the strategic, financial and cultural levers that will help your business thrive, then the one course that covers all is the Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Signing up for our free trial allows you to experience the depth and quality of the Diploma with no further commitment or credit card details required.

The biggest issue is a lack of talent

Did you know that the biggest issue facing boards globally is finding the right talent for the boardroom?

To succeed, boards need the right combination of skills, backgrounds, training, and viewpoints.

By exploring what makes the Diploma in Corporate Governance so unique, you can help meet the global demand for highly skilled professionals at the senior executive and board levels.

How can you enhance your skills as a director?

If you sit on a board or want to be a board member in the future, you must know how boards function.

Walking into a boardroom and having to be brought up to speed by your fellow board members is a waste of the board’s precious time.

Proper, university-certified board member training is available via the Diploma in Corporate Governance.

However, board member training isn’t the only thing you need to bring to the table.

What makes a high-performing board member?

Successful boardroom leaders are confident and able to articulate goals clearly. Also: 

They have good business acumen and understand how to negotiate win-win compromises.

Boardroom leaders need good organisational skills, decision-making abilities and the ability to work effectively with a broad range of personalities. 

Successful leaders must have time management skills and the ability to prioritise tasks. 

They also should be able to recognise the value of diversity on their team.

Three excellent guides on in-demand boardroom skills

As well as board member training, you will need specific in-demand professional skills. For example, are you brilliant at digital transformation? Are you a cybercrime expert? What about HR; do you know how to develop a good company culture? Here are three guides examining the sectoral skills in high demand worldwide. 

  1.  Great board members have special skills
  2. If you want to lead, you need these skills
  3. The top strategic skills directors need to succeed

Great directors are made, not born

Great board members and directors are made by experience and education. You can improve your corporate governance skills quite quickly with a recognised qualification.

A Diploma in Corporate Governance will help you develop new skills, whether you are a board director, board member, CEO or senior executive.

This Diploma is valuable because real-life, working directors designed and built the course for new and aspiring directors.

And remember, by enrolling in this program, you will join a diverse network of experienced professionals who share their years of experience.

Most importantly, you will learn about board members’ duties and responsibilities while exploring the latest theories and best practices.

Enhance your performance as a director today. Start by taking our free trial. What have you got to lose? And what do you stand to gain?

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Discover what makes the Diploma in Corporate Governance so relevant to your career goals. Start a free trial today and experience the most popular content for yourself.

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Enjoy a free trial

Discover what makes the Diploma in Corporate Governance so relevant to your career goals. Start a free trial today and experience the most popular content for yourself.

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