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Fundamentals of Risk Management for Directors

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Why is risk management in corporate governance important?

Most organisations face risk in their day-to-day activities. It shows they’re open to change and innovation. Risk management pinpoints and helps to prepare for risk, so that there’s no negative impact. A board with a good risk response strategy sets itself up for success.


No board knows for sure the outcome of risk, so a risk management strategy is essential to identify different outcome scenarios.


Knowing which risks make sense for the organisation and which are reckless takes time and a broad combination of skillsets to get right.


A board that asks the right questions will have proper oversight of risk and its outcome for the organisation.

Become a smarter and more effective corporate governance leader. Fully understand risk management in corporate governance, and how to implement it effectively in your organisation.

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What delegates say about our courses:

“The Diploma in Corporate Governance was excellent. It was an eye opener for me and I learnt an immense amount from the course and tutors.”

Raj Kambo


“Excellent programme, content very relevant to existing and aspiring board members. Excellent support provided by the team in CGI and the online format worked very well.”

Audrey Boyde


“There was plenty of help and support available and patience as I engaged and learned. Very much appreciated the materials, delivery, and support.”

David Moore


“Challenging course but well delivered by an excellent team. Course materials very professional and lectures from a high calibre team with vast practical experience.”

John Hennessy


What you will learn

Take an in-depth look at the complex risk environment organisations and directors are now operating within. Learn how to provide an appropriate oversight of risk and be able to ask intelligent questions around the boardroom table.

The fundamentals of risk

Explore the fundamental concepts of risk, and distinguish the difference between risk management and oversight.

Risk oversight and monitoring

Get an in-depth understanding of useful key aspects and considerations for risk oversight and monitoring.

Risk response

Learn about the different responses boards can take to risk and the key considerations they need to explore.

The future of risk management

Discover the trends in risk management that could influence the risk landscape and how changes in risk mindset are having an impact.

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How you will apply your learning

Standout as an informed leader who knows how to navigate corporate governance.

Identify and confidently speak about the material risks that the organisation faces in a timely manner.

Recognise and implement an appropriate risk management strategy to manage different risks.

Understand how to integrate risk and risk management into strategy development and business decision-making.

Use your knowledge to escalate material risk information to senior executives, the board, or relevant committees quickly.

Recognise that risk is not necessarily negative and that there can be many positives to taking risks.

Ensure the board is kept informed about the changing risk landscape and identify how the organisation can adapt.

Who will be teaching the course?

Jenny Pattwell

Jenny is a Partner with EY’s EMEIA Financial Services Consulting practice in Ireland with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. She is known for bringing practical insights and fresh perspectives to each assignment, where she focuses on large-scale financial services transformations, risk management, regulatory advisory and data & analytics.

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