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Diploma in Corporate Governance




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Diploma in Corporate Governance

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Designed and delivered by directors and governance professionals for directors.

Join a diverse network of senior executives and directors to exchange ideas and experiences.

Learn what you need to succeed as non-executive director

Understand the duties, liabilities and responsibilities of being a director.

Learn how a board operates and gain practical experience to be a successful board member.

This diploma is ideal for senior executives who need to understand how boards work.

Why this Diploma in Corporate Governance

Do you want to think like a director? Do you want to increase and improve your ability to drive sustainable value? Have confidence in your future and take the Diploma in Corporate Governance.


Receive a global, formal, accredited qualification in corporate governance. Currently, less than 0.5% of company directors have a formal qualification in corporate governance.


This Diploma is designed by directors who understand the essential practical skills required to develop the mindset to become an influential, effective board member.


Become part of an elite group of senior leaders, acquire a board position, enhance your career options and connect with a diverse group of directors from around the world.

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What you will learn

This Diploma in Corporate Governance is university credit-rated and validated by our Governance Advisory Council. Our comprehensive syllabus enables you to learn what you need to know to become a successful company director.

Module 1
Introduction to corporate governance

Gain a clear understanding of the world of corporate governance, the principles which underpin it, global trends and the role it plays in contemporary business.

Module 2
Governance architecture

Learn that the governance structure of every organisation is unique, given its heritage and culture and how to build a best practice governance structure.

Module 3
The company director

You will learn about the duties and responsibilities to be a competent director with the appropriate mindset to make a real impact in the boardroom.

Module 4
Corporate culture

This module explains the importance of aligning the culture of the board with the organisation and its strategy and how to influence company culture.

Module 5
The Governance Handbook

The Board Governance Handbook is the document that defines an organisation roles, policies, procedures and other basic board documentation.

Module 6
Effective reporting

This module clearly explains, in detail, the information and supporting processes that directors require to perform their role and how they relate to effective reporting.

Module 7

This module will help you to understand the tools used, the strategy development and implementation processes and the board’s role.

Module 8
Financial matters

This module will help to interpret the financial statements that you will have to master as a director and help you ask the right questions.

Module 9
Risk management

This module ensures that you, as a director, can provide the proper oversight of risk in the organisation and ask intelligent questions.

Module 10
Evaluating performance

This module clearly explains how to initiate and implement evaluations of the board, directors, and CEO on either an internal or external basis.

Module 11
The non-executive director

This module will help you formulate a systematic approach to your career plan to become or progress as a director or non-executive director.

Multiple-choice assessment

Candidates are required to complete three online assessments based on the programme modules. These will take approximately six hours in total.

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Learning Outcomes

This Diploma in Corporate Governance is university credit-rated and validated by our Governance Advisory Council. Our comprehensive syllabus enables you to learn what you need to know to become a successful company director.

You will have a clear understanding of how boards function and the format of effective board meetings.

You will understand how the various committees operate and how they enhance the effectiveness of a board.

You will be familiar with the skills and expertise that a board director needs to know to do their job effectively.

We will provide you with the tools, templates and confidence you need to make an impact in the boardroom.

We will introduce you to different reporting tools that will be useful to you as a director.

You will be introduced to the ongoing and changing ethical issues and apply them to a modern board.

You will clearly understand the nature and effect of culture on an organisation and how you can influence and shape it.

You will be in a stronger position to evaluate any risks facing an organisation and how to mitigate these risks.

We will provide you with the skills to evaluate a board, for instance, if you are thinking of joining one.

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Thank you for creating this Diploma. It is a much-needed service. Other Diplomas like this are unobtainable for many because of the cost. To be honest, having reviewed the other Diplomas, you have the best lecturers. I networked with some great people doing this Diploma. You really are going to make a difference in the business landscape. I certainly recommend this course.

Declan Cahill – Ireland

MBSI Programme Director

The purpose, content and tone of the Diploma from the Corporate Governance Institute are compelling. The Diploma has really brought to life my understanding of how governance works. I deal with the boards of various companies, and the Diploma gave me whole new insights and a refreshed reference framework for what I do. It sharpens how I approach the work I do on their behalf. Thanks for such a rich opportunity.

Patrick O’Meara – Ireland

Owner P Woods & Associates

“This was an excellent course. The materials were well designed and fully supported the first class Tutorials and presenters throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to those seeking to enhance their understanding of Corporate Governance, and of the nature of working in Boards”.

Jon Gillies – United Kingdom


Frequently Asked Questions

Our faculty members are industry experts with an interest in teaching the next generation of directors and board members. Along with teaching, our lecturers are professionally involved in numerous types of businesses.

You will examine the most current and relevant case studies and learn about the latest thinking at the board level. To see the full list of faculty members, click here

You can study for this Diploma in three different formats, each one designed to be flexible so they work for busy people.

  • Some students choose to learn at their own pace by taking the online, self-paced format.
  • Some prefer the part-time Diploma which takes 11 weeks to complete and involves three hours of teaching per week.
  • And then there is the Bootcamp format which is ideal for busy executives who wish to become certified directors in just one week.

You can learn more and decide which format suits you the best, here.

Definitely. We designed this Diploma to demystify and define what it means to be a company director and a boardroom leader. You will learn best boardroom practices from company directors, who share their experiences and knowledge. The case studies are real-world, practical and full of insights. Your resulting certification is globally recognised.

This Diploma is ideal for the next generation of leaders who wish to make a positive impact at the highest levels of organisations around the world.

Absolutely! We’ve had teams join us from PLCs, NGOs, law firms, public bodies, today’s financial and tech giants, and everywhere in between. If you’re interested in participating in teams of five or more, email paul@thecorporategovernanceinstitute.com for more information.