As a member of the Corporate Governance Institute, you will be at the forefront of the latest thinking and developments in governance. This insight will enable you to have a positive impact in the boardroom.

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The Corporate Governance Institute is a community of directors who are actively involved in corporate governance and who share a common interest in organisational development and improvement, for the good of the business, the staff and society as a whole. .

This dynamic group of individuals are revolutionising corporate governance across the globe.

Discover more about other corporate governance members, and network with them, through this directory.

As a member, not only do you get to highlight and promote yourself and your business, but you also get to meet and network with your peer members. Search through the diretory to find others in your field of expertise. You can also search for experts who have skillsets that can help your business. Of course, you may be looking for new board members for your own organisation – our directory of peers directors is exactly where you will find them!

Network with other members

The dynamic directors and aspiring directors who make up this global community share a common interest; to make the world a better place through better governance.

The ability to connect with this tight-knit group is crucial in your governance journey and we’re here to make this process seamless for you.

Our LinkedIn and Slack groups allow you to communicate directly with other members who are able to both offer advice – or who may seek your advice – as they set out on the path to the boardroom.

Past networking events

Networking with your peers is vital in order to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in governance trends and implementation.

As part of our commitment to developing better boardrooms around the globe, we regularly host “Networking Events”. These sessions usually entail a presentation by a leader in their field, followed by active discussions around the topic in question.

Recent networking events have been entitled:

  • The barriers women face in securing board positions.
  • ESG essentials for directors.
  • How to prepare your CV and LinkedIn for non-executive positions.
  • How can your board encourage and open culture?
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Click on the image above to view the networking event entitled “How to prepare your CV and LinkedIn for non-executive jobs”, presented by Bob Hoffman, Founder and Managing Partner of Vista People.

Click on the links below to check out our LinkedIn and Slack channels

More past networking events

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We’ll help you get find director roles and succeed in the boardroom

As either an aspiring or existing director, it is important that you are constantly at the forefront of the latest trends and thinking in terms of boardroom dynamics.   You therefore need to be always career-ready. Positioning yourself as a top-tier professional will get you noticed for all of the right reasons.

We work with a wide range of organisations who are on the lookout for top-performing directors.  If you are looking for your first, or indeed next, role as a boardroom director, then look no further.  As a member, we can introduce you to a wide network of directorship positions.

As you prepare for your next position, we recommend that you get yourself “director-ready” by perusing our range of career-related guides, articles, and videos that we have created and curated to help you on your path to the boardroom.

member resources your path to the boardroom


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Governance Masterclasses

Our “Governance Masterclasses” are a series of meet-up where we ask a well-known expert in their field to share their knowledge and experience with our members. You get to learn and garner insights from the people who are “in the trenches”, implementing good governance.  These are very interactive sessions, where you get time to network with other members, discuss case studies and learn from industry experts through question-and-answer sessions.

As part of the Masterclass, we encourage and promotes members to get to know each other in an intimate, round-table type setting. We then record these sessions and make the video available for the education of all of our members.

Our next planned “Governance Masterclass” will be a Finance Masterclass for Directors


Member Spotlight

Corporate Governance Institute members are amazing people doing awesome things to help businesses and society.  WE are delighted to highlight some of the hard work and accomplishments of our members wherever possible.

Our members are thought leaders in their respective fields and we love to hear from progressive thinkers who are improving the landscape at board level.

Please contact us if you would like your achievements recognised and highlighted.

Corporate Governance Membership Spotlight Jenni Timony

Read more stories about some of our members and their achievements

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Recommended Books and Podcasts

As an individual with an interest in corporate governance, it is important to stay up-to-date on current governance and business trends.

In addition to receiving the latest policies and regulations, we think it’s important to learn from complimentary material.

Together with our members, we have selected recommended books and podcasts to get you started.

If you have read or listened to anything of interest recently, please email Margaret with the name of the book or podcast and one or two lines explaining why you liked it and why it might be of use to others.

Recommended books

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Recommended podcasts

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