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Integrating ESG into Business Strategy

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Why is it important to integrate ESG principles into your business strategy?

Isolated ESG action plans don’t work. The principles of ESG need to be integrated at every level of an organisation from mission and vision, to values, strategy and planning. This integration lays the foundation for creating more sustainable, long-term business value.


Integrating ESG principles into a business strategy demonstrates to stakeholders that sustainability is important.


Linking ESG into your products and services is critical to access potential new markets and segments.


A thought-out business strategy that incorporates ESG will bring long-term value to an organisation.

Become a smarter and more effective ESG leader. Fully understand the importance of integrating ESG into your business strategy and the opportunities that this presents.

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What delegates say about our courses:

“The Diploma in Corporate Governance was excellent. It was an eye opener for me and I learnt an immense amount from the course and tutors.”

Raj Kambo


“Excellent programme, content very relevant to existing and aspiring board members. Excellent support provided by the team in CGI and the online format worked very well.”

Audrey Boyde


“There was plenty of help and support available and patience as I engaged and learned. Very much appreciated the materials, delivery, and support.”

David Moore


“Challenging course but well delivered by an excellent team. Course materials very professional and lectures from a high calibre team with vast practical experience.”

John Hennessy


What you will learn

Gain a solid understanding of how ESG fits into an organisation’s overall business strategy. Learn how to use a framework to build a credible strategy based on your organisation’s material issues.

ESG strategy

Discover how an ESG strategy fits into your organisation’s overall strategy and use a comprehensive framework to develop your own strategy.


Explore what is material to a strategy and the steps to making it work for your organisation and its unique ESG requirements.

Materiality to strategy

Be clear about how to turn your material assessment into a coherent strategy by following specific steps.

Setting targets

Identify how to set credible ESG ambitions that will be long-lasting and make the strategy worthwhile for your organisation.

Looking to deepen your ESG leadership skills and insights?
Discover more about the Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

How you will apply your learning

Standout as an informed leader who knows how to navigate the changing ESG landscape.

Recognise the importance of building a strategy that is relevant and tailored to your organisation to make sure it lasts.

Use your knowledge to consult with internal and external stakeholders to identify the greatest risk and opportunities to your business.

Incorporate best practice methods around the issues you’ve identified in your strategy with the greatest risk and opportunities.

Recognise the strengths and knowledge within your internal teams to help deliver a strategy that reflects exactly what your organisation needs.

Be able to take the initiative to look for the information you need to guide you through the process of developing your strategy.

Recognise that integrating ESG principles effectively into your organisation takes time to develop sophisticated targets and activities.

Who will be teaching the course?

Ariel White-Tsimikalis

Ariel is a solicitor with extensive experience advising late stage growth companies on their journey to the public markets, corporate governance matters and general public company representation. She has a solid understanding of corporate governance frameworks, reporting obligations and public company regulatory environment. Ariel has international experience working across a broad range of sectors with a particular focus on Tech and Life Sciences and emerging markets in Africa and Greece. She is a change agent with a passion for supporting women lawyers and the Black community.

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