Six great corporate governance podcasts

by Jo Ellis on Jun 1, 2022

Corporate governance podcasts

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Corporate governance podcasts

Are there podcasts about corporate governance? Yes, is the short answer. Podcast streaming has been increasing exponentially in recent years, especially during the pandemic. According to SupplyGem, there are more than 100 million active podcast listeners in the US. There were over 19.1 million podcast listeners in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2021. Podcast audiences continue to grow steadily as their popularity increases; over 28 million listeners are expected in the UK by 2026.

Thanks to this explosion of podcast listeners, experts of all sorts are using audio platforms to educate their listeners. You can find a podcast for just about anything these days — including corporate governance, effective leadership, business strategy, and how to navigate board meetings.

Listening to a podcast about corporate governance is an excellent way to sharpen your skills and learn new strategies, even if you have a busy schedule. A lot of people listen to podcasts while doing chores, during their daily commute, or as they exercise.

Below are six podcasts that will change the way you view and approach corporate governance and director training. 

Each takes its own approach to governance, providing a wealth of insight into effective leadership and board meeting strategies. You can stream all of the listed podcasts on Spotify or Apple Music. 

1. ‘The Corporate Director Podcast’

The Corporate Director Podcast features interviews with executives and corporate leaders who share insight and relatable stories about corporate governance. Listeners can tune in to conversations with “governance geeks” and learn how to effectively strategise, manage, and communicate during board meetings.

Each episode covers a specific topic related to corporate governance, such as boardroom management, work culture, director training, business strategy, and risk management. This podcast is engaging, informational, and at times, humorous. After listening to ‘The Corporate Director Podcast,’ you will have a better understanding of good governing practices and how to manage your board of directors effectively. 

2. ‘One Minute Governance’

TheOne Minute Governance podcast is ideal for listeners who don’t have a lot of spare time to dedicate to podcast listening. With episodes that are only one minute long, corporate leaders can absorb valuable chunks of information in bite-size portions.

Matt Fullbrook hosts this podcast. He is a Toronto-based corporate governance researcher, advisor, and educator with more than 20 years of experience as a corporate leader. Although the podcast episodes are short, they encourage listeners to critically think as they learn new strategies to bring with them to board meetings and director training.

3. ‘The Voice of Corporate Governance’

The Council of Institutional Investors’ (CII) The Voice of Corporate Governance podcast features the latest updates surrounding corporate governance within society. The podcast educates listeners and board members about existing issues within the capital market and the ways that corporate leaders can address these issues during board meetings.

Although the podcast’s primary target audience is CII members, corporate leaders, board members, and senior executives, everyone will find this podcast informative and compelling. Listeners will gain a new perspective on the ins and outs of modern-day corporate governance.

This podcast can also help executives and those sitting on boards to stay up-to-date on the latest developments within the markets and corporate governance. 

4. ‘Boardroom Governance with Evan Epstein’

The Boardroom Governance with Evan Epstein podcast shares interviews with some of the leading corporate governance experts in the world. Listeners gain in-depth insight from conversations with founders, executives, investors, board members, scholars, and others.

The host of the podcast, Evan Epstein, is a corporate expert and the inaugural executive director of the Center for Business Law at UC Hastings Law. ‘Boardroom Governance’ also shares the latest corporate governance trends, along with effective leadership strategies that listeners can leverage during board meetings and director training.

5. ‘Boardroom&Beyond’

TheBoardroom&Beyond podcast dives into the best environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and useful corporate governance strategies that corporate professionals can incorporate into daily operations. The host of the podcast is Lyndsey Zhang, a corporate expert with more than two decades of experience. In ‘Boardroom&Beyond’, Zhang interviews professionals and business leaders from different cultures.

Listeners of this podcast learn about the different business customs of other countries, which can be a valuable tool for professionals involved in international operations. Unlike other podcasts about corporate governance and business strategy, ‘Boardroom&Beyond’ places a focus on cultural differences that sometimes exist in business relationships and how to navigate these differences respectfully.

Featuring thought-provoking stories and inspiring ideas, this podcast has plenty to offer corporate professionals.

6. ‘Women Governance Trailblazers’

The ‘Women Governance Trailblazers podcast is an inspiring interview show hosted by female corporate professionals Courtney Kamlet and Liz Dunshee. The two hosts provide insightful knowledge on what it’s like to be a woman in the professional world.

The conversations explore the struggles, advantages, and other experiences that women can face in the working world. ‘Women Governance Trailblazers’ has gained mass popularity for its relatability.

This podcast also shares tips and tricks on how to take up more space as a woman in corporate governance, along with other tools that all corporate professionals — no matter their gender — can benefit from.

Final thoughts

Check out these podcasts to gain further insight into corporate governance. By listening to stories, interviews, and tips from other corporate leaders, you can learn how to make good corporate governance strategies part of your company’s daily operations, director training, and board meetings.

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