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What you’ll learn?

Cyber Security for Directors




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Why Cyber Security for Directors is Essential 

Cyber threats and attacks post one of the most immediate and long-term threats to organisations. Harness your knowledge and awareness of the key risks to ensure they receive the right attention.


According to global research on the state of security in 2022, 65% of organisations have reported an increase in cyber attacks in recent times.


Cyber threats are constantly evolving. The impact of an incident can be catastrophic to an organisation. Cyber security protection is now a key strategic issue for boards.


Organisations that know how to respond quickly to an incident significantly reduce the impact it has on the business. Acting in a fast and timely manner is critical.

Become the cyber security champion in your organisation with the skills and knowledge to understand the resources required to deal with potential cyber threats and attacks.

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What our delegates say

“Pitched at the right level, at the right time and you are supported by a very energetic team in CGI”

Bob Hoffman – Ireland

Managing Partner

“An excellent programme that was enhanced by the depth of expertise possessed by tutors.”

Peter Fitzgerald – Ireland

Non Executive Director

This was an excellent course. The materials were well designed. I have no hesitation in recommending this course.“.

Jon Gillies – United Kingdom


What you will learn

Bring your knowledge of cyber security to the next level with this in depth insight into common threats and vulnerabilities, how to prepare for them and how to respond.


Clearly understand the core concepts of cyber security and the steps to follow before and during an incident.

Types of threats

Gain a deep understanding of different types of security threats and be in a position to identify your organisation’s vulnerabilities.


Learn how to prioritise cyber security activities to provide the best protection for your organisation.

Organisational Approach

Be clear about the first, second and third line defences of cyber security, and the commonly used standards for benchmarking.

How you will apply your learning

You will confidently be able to answer the following questions:

Are senior management and the board aware of key risks related to cyber security?

Are IT processes designed and operating to detect cyber threats? 

Do cyber security initiatives receive adequate support and priority?

Has management performed a risk assessment to identify assets susceptible to cyber threats or security breaches, and has the potential impact (financial and non-financial) been assessed?

Are cyber security policies and procedures in place, and do employees and contractors receive cyber security awareness training on a periodic basis, and can such training be evidenced?

Are feedback mechanisms operating to give senior management and the board insight into the status of the organisation’s cyber security programmes?

Who will be teaching the course?

Eoghan Daly

Eoghan works with organisations in the public and private sector to help them better understand their cyber security needs, strengthen cyber defences, and obtain assurance that the measures in place are effective. He has experience in working with organisations to help them address cyber security concerns, including getting the governance structures right, establishing a strategic approach to cyber security then turning strategy into action, and understanding what technical solutions are available and appropriate. He is an experienced consultant, with over 15 years working with organisations of different sizes, across different sectors,  in over 30 countries in five continents.  The theme across his career to date has been to bring structure and clarity to complex problems.


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