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What makes a great company secretary?

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Gerry Egan

Consultant & trainer specialising in corporate governance
6th of July 2022 at 13:00 (GMT)
Via Zoom

Key Takeaways

  • Gerry Egan has worked as a company secretary (CoSec) with many CEOs and chairs. He brings many of the critical lessons he’s learned from his 20+ years of experience to this webinar.
  • Gerry says there is a difference between a ‘good secretary’ who does all the legal work well and a ‘great secretary’ who makes a real difference to the board’s performance and its relationship with management.
  • In most jurisdictions, company secretaries should be qualified as they have some legal responsibilities.
  • The secretary has to be a diplomat and a ‘scribe’ because the CoSec is the keeper of many essential company records.
  • A great CoSec must strive to be a trusted advisor to all board members and the CEO.
  • The board and the executive will often look to the CoSec to help them navigate their legal responsibilities.
  • Minute taking is an essential part of a CoSec’s duties. Minutes must be clear and capture some context and colour of what was discussed and decided upon at board meetings.
  • The CoSec plays a pivotal role in planning the board agenda and setting a master calendar detailing the times of each board and committee meeting.
  • A board is a kind of living organism with unique individuals, and the CoSec can help boards become more cohesive by arranging in-person meetings and away days.
  • The CoSec can ensure that the board focuses on the company strategy. At least 50% of board meetings should focus on the big strategic themes. The board should be looking ‘up and out’, not ‘down and in’.
  • Boards should think more about the future rather than micro-examining the past. The CoSec can influence this approach.


This Webinar

The webinar will explore the role of the Board/Company Secretary and discuss what makes the difference between a good Secretary who discharges all of the legal functions well and a great Secretary who adds real value to the performance of your board and the relationship with management. Focusing on practical tips and examples of good practice, this webinar will be of particular interest to Chairs, Directors, CEOs and senior Executives who want to improve practices around their board and Secretaries who aspire to take their contribution to the next level.

This Speaker

Gerry Egan is a consultant and trainer specialising in corporate governance, data protection, GDPR compliance, and strategy development. He works with clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.  He currently serves on the boards of Carmichael and Dóchas.

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