Member Spotlight #14 - Nóirín Hegarty

Member Spotlight #14 – Nóirín Hegarty

Leadership is about identifying the right talent, building the right team, setting the direction and then getting out of the way. Getting people to work together and do what you want, is one of the hardest things of all to achieve. When you get it right, great things happen!

Jenni Timony Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight #11 – Jenni Timony

“I’d define leadership as supporting and facilitating the team to do their best work and grow professionally. It’s about creating an environment where our team know they are trusted to explore ideas and possibilities, knowing that ideas that don’t work out are just part of the process.”

Greta Spotlight WEBSITE

Member Spotlight #9 – Greta Hickey

Being a leader means leading by example, and following through – doing what you say you are going to do. A leader needs to lead while also being inclusive, ‘bringing’ people with you on the journey.


Member Spotlight #8 – Liam O’Shea

Understand what your job as a Board Director is. Do not underestimate what your responsibilities are and what Corporate Governance is all about when you do sit on a Board. Make sure you do the Diploma in Corporate Governance as there are way too many Board Directors with little or no knowledge of what is essential to be a competent Board Director

Member Spotlight #7 – Leslie Rance

‘Understand your motivation for wanting to become a board director and in which industries or sectors. Prepare for it well, particularly if you can get corporate governance and board development training beforehand.’

Eimear Fisher Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight #5 – Èimear Fisher

In our ‘Member Spotlight’ feature, we ask life-and-business-related questions of one of our Corporate Governance Institute members. Here we speak with independent consultant and NED Èimear Fisher.