Making sense of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an infinite game – good guys need to be good and lucky all the time, bad guys can be rubbish but only need to be lucky occasionally. Oscar O’Connor explains more in this fascinating video.

how to become a charity trustee penny wilson get on board

How to become a charity trustee

Charity trustees are the group of people with overall responsibility for a charity. They are often called the board or governing body. We hope you find this downloadable guide helpful in understanding, exploring and valuing the role of charity trustees. 

Exercising better independent judgment

Bob Semple, in this webinar ‘Exercising better independent judgment’, argues directors and boards should expect to make their fair share of tough decisions; and asks, can boards improve the quality of those decisions? 

what is corporate governance what are board committees

What are board committees?

Board committees represent an essential part of the corporate governance process and should have clear reporting procedures and scope. Board committees must have more than simply vague objectives, and committee meetings should be well controlled.

how to build networks

How to build strong and effective networks

Kingsley Aikins is the CEO of The Networking Institute. Here he discusses why networking is now more critical than ever, the art of good networking, the key characteristics of great networkers, and why the best networkers are often introverts.