How to prepare to become a non-executive director

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Olga Croft is a management consultant who aspires to be a non-executive director and board member. Here, she discusses how (and why) she is preparing to become a non-executive director. 

Olga Croft is an accredited and experienced management consultant and certified project manager with eighteen years of professional experience at bluechip companies, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and financial services. She has also worked in local government. 

Olga is also an aspiring non-executive director and recently studied for a Diploma in Corporate Governance. Here, Olga talks with Roy Sheppard about her experience, how she views good governance and her ambitions in corporate governance.

The appeal of the boardroom

Having designed and run a wide variety of projects, Olga has noticed different attitudes towards corporate governance in various sectors. When she is running projects, corporate governance compliance can either help or hinder her work. Olga explains why it’s essential to integrate corporate governance compliance within projects at the design stage.

In the short video clip below, Olga talks about her aspirations to be a board member, what she gained from the Diploma in Corporate Governance and how to study to become a non-executive director.

Below, Olga discusses diversity on boards, why it’s essential – not just to investors – and why it’s not just a gender issue.

Below, Olga talks about the appeal of becoming a board member and what she is doing in her career to prepare for a board position. Olga also talks about the most important leadership qualities of a non-executive director and the challenges that boards will face in the next two years.

How to study to become a non-executive director

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