ESG creates a happier workforce

ESG creates a happier workforce

According to Mercer, generational changes in the workforce will also account for greater priority in ESG strategies. Millennials and Generation Z will make up most of the workforce by 2029. These emerging demographics tend to have greater environmental and societal concerns than previous generations. 

a guide to diversity and inclusion

A director’s guide to diversity and inclusion

Sandra Healy – founder & CEO of inclusio, examines how boards, CEOs, and senior management can go beyond acknowledging diversity and inclusion to implementing real change that will benefit their employees and firms.

Directors' Dilemma 10: Earning Significant Profits

Case study – directors’ dilemma: earning significant profits

In this case study, you are a non-executive director in a financial services company. The company has experienced great success and has earned significant profits through lending assets in unit-linked funds to borrowers, in return for substantial fees to the company. The fees are so significant that they more than compensate the company for any credit risks being taken.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary

Roles and responsibilities of the company secretary

The Corporate Governance Institute Template Series provided existing and aspiring directors with the boardroom tools and applications that you require to bring value and deliver results in the boardroom. This template focuses on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary.