back to work after covid

Back to the office during COVID

No one imagined that we would end up working from home for nearly two years. The forced experience has had mixed results for people as well as businesses. We know some would love to continue to work remote forever, others can’t wait to get back to the office, and many want to go back to the office a few days and work from home the rest. What are you going to do?


Why sustainability needs to be on the board agenda

Each generation of business leaders confronts a new set of opportunities and challenges, and sustainability and ESG is undoubtedly at the top of this generation’s. Laura Heuston outlines why companies should develop a clearer sense of what sustainability means to them and what directors can do to oversee and report on sustainability effectively.

ESG investing

Is ESG investing too little too late?

Human communities and economies worldwide are being battered by a seemingly endless stream of climate-related disasters. Many now wonder: is it too late to save the planet and the majority of species that live on it? 

how to become a charity trustee penny wilson get on board

How to become a charity trustee

Charity trustees are the group of people with overall responsibility for a charity. They are often called the board or governing body. We hope you find this downloadable guide helpful in understanding, exploring and valuing the role of charity trustees. 

Exercising better independent judgment

Bob Semple, in this webinar ‘Exercising better independent judgment’, argues directors and boards should expect to make their fair share of tough decisions; and asks, can boards improve the quality of those decisions? 

What is a company director?

What is a company director?

There are different types of directors and directorships in organisations, but if you are a company director, you sit on the board of a company.

guide to zoom

An introvert’s guide to Zoom

Across the corporate world, those who are bold and brash often rise to the top. In this ‘Introvert’s guide to Zoom’ we examine the hidden superpowers introverts possess and how these can be much more valuable in meetings that the contributions made by the loudest voices.