cybersecurity guide for board directors

A cybersecurity guide for board directors

In this cybersecurity guide for board directors we examine the rising costs of cyber crimes. We look at some high profile cyber attack case studies and we detail the type of questions board directors should ask their organisation’s IT executives.

ESG strategy

Why your board needs an ESG strategy

ESG needs to be embedded in your overall business strategy, and it shouldn’t be a stand-alone issue. Linking ESG into your products and services is critical. Demonstrating good ESG practice also gives you access to potential new markets.

What is alternate director?

What is an alternate director?

An alternate director is a person who is appointed to attend a board meeting in the place of another director who is unable to attend. The alternate director has the same powers that the principal director would have had if they had attended.

biggest corporate polluters

The 20 biggest corporate polluters

Researchers have found that just 20 different state-owned and multinational companies drive the climate emergency that threatens humanity. Although these firms are conscious of their industry’s devastating impact on the planet, they have continued to expand their operations. 

ESG essentials

ESG essentials for directors

Gráinne Madden, the principal and CSR/ESG specialist at GJM Associates, outlines precisely how directors should approach environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in this valuable member’s session. 

10 ESG trends to watch

10 ESG trends to watch

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) isn’t just a trend; it is now an integral part of good corporate governance. However, within ESG, many trends are emerging, and here are ten trends we can expect to see grow in the coming years.

What is a nominee director?

What is a nominee director?

Simply put, your nominee director must only act on your behalf and cannot take any decisions independently. If this occurs, a breach in the contract agreement will arise, and the nominee director may face legal action.