guide to zoom

An introvert’s guide to Zoom

Across the corporate world, those who are bold and brash often rise to the top. In this ‘Introvert’s guide to Zoom’ we examine the hidden superpowers introverts possess and how these can be much more valuable in meetings that the contributions made by the loudest voices.

What is a board of directors

What is a Board of Directors?

What is a board of directors? What does a board of directors do? Do board directors get paid? If so, how much? And, how do you become a board director? 

what is an introvert the meaning of introvert

The meaning of Introvert

The meaning of introvert is changing. Introverted leaders listen more carefully and are more open to suggestions. By listening, introverts are great at getting all of the ideas on the table. They can draw out multiple perspectives and find connections between them. It’s a very powerful skill.

ESG investing and the best ESG funds

ESG investing and the best ESG funds

With more and more companies realising their role in environmental, social, economic, racial, and privacy issues, it’s only natural that this heightened awareness would translate directly into the way we now invest. It’s called ESG investing, and it’s quite the hot topic as of late.


Member Spotlight #8 – Liam O’Shea

Understand what your job as a Board Director is. Do not underestimate what your responsibilities are and what Corporate Governance is all about when you do sit on a Board. Make sure you do the Diploma in Corporate Governance as there are way too many Board Directors with little or no knowledge of what is essential to be a competent Board Director

a guide to diversity and inclusion

A director’s guide to diversity and inclusion

Sandra Healy – founder & CEO of inclusio, examines how boards, CEOs, and senior management can go beyond acknowledging diversity and inclusion to implementing real change that will benefit their employees and firms.